Saturday, May 10, 2014

Abigail is nine!

So guess what?! Abigail turned nine--almost a month ago! I've been waiting to post about her birthday until I remembered to get a photo of her under the birthday banner (I even hung it up again so I could take the photo; it was up on her birthday but Natie yanked it down), but I keep forgetting, so...maybe I can get one on Luke's birthday Monday.

Abigail designed her own cake. I love that kid! She requested a chocolate mint cake with purple mint-flavored buttercream frosting, topping with York patties (which she placed) and then drizzled with chocolate ganache. And yes, it was a pretty amazing cake. Yum yum yum.

This last year has really been delightful with Abigail. Neil and I were talking the other night about how she has suddenly become our biggest reassurance that we are doing this parenting thing right! It seems like overnight she has become helpful, compassionate, thoughtful, grateful, responsible, and self-motivated. Yes, she still has moments when she's a little stinker (Abs, if you're reading this, I'm thinking about tonight when you turned on the shower so I'd think you were in there and then went to bed with a book!), but by and large she has become so dependable and thoughtful and just fun! I love talking with her and hearing her thoughts on things--she is bright and articulate and analytical. One of my favorite things about her is how diligently she works to conquer difficult things--she has become such a good pianist and it's 100% due to her steady hours of practice. The other day she was working on some really tricky long division homework and she just kept plugging away! I was sitting next to her rubbing her back and remembering my own long division experiences in third grade, and I was so proud of my little girl who just kept working steadily until her work was done.

Abigail is not only quick to help, especially with Nathan, who as ever completely adores her! She is endlessly creative and is still just as much of a bookworm as ever--a very thoughtful bookworm who will often check a book out of her school or classroom library because she thinks it will appeal to me. I adore my little girl so much and I am SO incredibly proud of the choices she is making to be diligent, compassionate, hard-working, and righteous!

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Elise Gray said...

I love that little girl! She has a special place in my heart.

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