Sunday, May 18, 2014

Isaac's last preschool program

A few days ago Luke, Nathan, and I went to Isaac's preschool for his last program of the year--he is now officially finished with preschool! It was bittersweet--he has LOVED preschool so much and he was very sad to finish (you can see some of that in this photo with his dear teachers!).

I can't say enough good things about our experience with preschool. Juliet attended the same one and I was so thrilled that Isaac was also able to go there! At the beginning of the year I was SO worried about him--he absolutely hated to be separated from me and every Sunday he would scream and cry and kick at his church teachers whenever I dropped him off for Primary. I felt awful every time (fortunately his teachers, a husband and wife, have 6 children of their own and were totally amazing with him, even when he bit one of them during the Primary program!). I really didn't know if he would be ready for preschool but I felt like we should try in hopes that it would help with some of his separation anxiety.

After Isaac's tonsils and adenoids were removed, almost every day I told Neil that I thought we should just pull him out of preschool, but his teachers were so patient and loving with him as he re-acclimated to the schedule (oh boy did he make it exciting for them for a few weeks!). And over the past year I have seen his confidence and social skills just grow by leaps and bounds! He always talks excitedly to me about his friends and what he did at recess and was so thrilled last week to spend the morning playing with a buddy from school.

Isaac has always been my child who is most interested in art/puzzles/projects/building/whatnot. He has absolutely LOVED this aspect of preschool! An art project every day is his idea of heaven. I was so touched that his teachers would often take the time to tell me a few extra details about Isaac's focus and intensity with whatever they were working on that day--he is truly passionate about his creations!

I am so grateful for Isaac's amazing teachers and all of the time, energy, and love that they have invested in him this past year. They are incredible!!

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