Sunday, May 18, 2014

Luke turns 3!

Oh, how I adore this little monkey!!--and monkey he certainly is! The years are flying by--I can't believe that it's already been three years since I first held this darling boy of mine. And oh, I am so glad that he is still a cuddler and a snuggler! He was upset about something today and I was lying down with a book (aren't Sundays the best?!) and he came in and got in bed with me and I rubbed his back and just soaked up the sweet little boy smell of his skin while he told me in great detail about his woes.

As I've written here before, Luke has the most delightful imagination and is constantly narrating his inner stories--I love to just listen to the dialogue between his toys (he has unique voices for every single toy and character!) He is almost always wearing a dress-up of some sort whether we are at home or out running errands--if you see a little blond boy wearing a Yoda hat or cat ears or a monkey suit, it just might be Luke!

Luke is certainly edging into his third year with a three-year-old's temper, and some days I have to chant out loud to myself, "I love Luke! I love Luke! I love Luke!" But like most three-year-olds, within moments he swings right back to my sunshine boy and the world is right again. Luke definitely does best when he has 100% of my attention, and I must say I'm a little worried now that school is coming to an end and we're facing the imminent demise of our one-on-one mornings when Natie is napping and all the biggies are at school! Luke and I usually spend those mornings curled up together with a giant pile of books (he always always always must sit in my lap, and he's getting so big now that I can't see over his head!).

When Isaac is at home, Luke is invariably following him around imitating whatever Isaac does. Isaac, being a clever child, assigns Luke tasks like, "Find me 17 yellow K'nex short pieces" and Luke patiently hunts through the K'nex bin and brings his spoils to Isaac.

Luke was and is my most flexible child in terms of sleep, routine, and diet. He is the only baby who has ever slept in my arms past two months of age--oh, the beauty of that little two-year-old boy asleep on my shoulder in church!!--and still naps whenever I can convince him to stop moving long enough to fall asleep. On Thursday I settled him on the couch with a pile of books after we finished reading Little House on the Prairie and he was out in minutes!

I love this kid so much. Such a darling sweetheart who fills my heart with joy.

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