Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Nathan is one year old!

My darling Nater-tot is one year old as of April 26th! And what a year it has been--I don't even know how to sum it all up. Certainly I can say that it is the hardest year I have gone through as a mother, but there have been so many amazing highs that have been the very best thus far as a mother. Nathan has forced me to evaluate what is truly important in my life--and one of the things I love most about having him as a member of our family is seeing the tender love that Abigail has for him--she adores him and he idolizes her in return.

As will likely be the case for years to come, we are still working to get Nathan to take in enough calories to sustain his growth. It is a really different approach to feeding a child than I have ever used before (I bought my very first fast-food kids' meal a few days ago when we were running errands and he wouldn't eat the snack I had packed for him. He accepted a couple of chicken nuggets; French fries were rejected categorically). 

Things we have learned about getting Nathan to eat--you can't touch his food/dishes/utensils/cups etc. He has to do everything himself, which also limits how much we can actually get into him.

 But eating difficulties aside, Nathan is an incredibly happy little chap. His favorite game is when I toss him in the middle of my bed and say, "Where's the baby?!" and chase him all over while he crawls away and I catch him and tickle him. We play it over and over and over and he is laughing so hard that I think he cannot possibly laugh anymore!

Nathan and Hermes also have a special partnership--the two of them go around together getting into things that neither can get into on their own. They are especially in love with the fireplace (Nathan opens the glass doors and Hermes eats the fake coals) and the toilet (Hermes nudges the door open and then the two of them both stick their hands/paws in the toilet and splash each other). Amazingly, Hermes tolerates a lot of "love" from Nathan, and yesterday I disentangled Nathan's hands from two generous fistfuls of Hermes' ears/eyes/nose, and that silly cat was STILL purring (he's not entirely without a sense of self-preservation, since he takes off running whenever he sees Luke coming).


Things Natie loves: climbing inside the dishwasher, emptying the dishwasher while someone else is trying to fill it, watching the washer & dryer spin, Abigail, his stuffed cat & elephant, his blankie, Luke's waterbottle, strawberries, clementines, being held ALL THE TIME by Mommy (first kid to prefer me!), being tickled, being pushed in his swing outside, systematically emptying all of the kitchen drawers/cabinets, string cheese, turning board book pages (Brown Bear Brown Bear is his current favorite; he is definitely more deft at page-turning than my chunkier-handed babies!), and he is sooooo obsessed with holding my necklaces if I'm wearing one, to the point where I have had to take my necklace off and give it to Neil if I need to hand off Nathan (sometimes Neil has to wear it; sometimes Nathan is okay just holding it himself. Neil is such a good sport!).

 About two seconds after we took this picture Nathan broke this necklace...this is not the first time this poor necklace has fallen to its infant foes!

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Elise Gray said...

such a cute little character!

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