Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Random stuff

My imaginative Luke always has some sort of costume on. A month ago he was Yoda every day; two weeks ago we went to the kids' school (several times) while he was wearing a dragon costume. This week he's a cat!

A cat who loves monkeys. And chickens. Have I mentioned that he wears this monkey backpack every single day (the former Monkey of Shame!) and he also ropes the leash of the backpack around the neck of Juliet's stuffed monkey, which is now his thanks to persistent Luke/kind Juliet? Yeah. We take two monkeys with us EVERYWHERE.

Speaking of Juliet, this awesomeness came home a couple of weeks ago...

("If I was a pirate I would make a ton of people walk me deadly plank! I would find me treasure!")

I can't decide whether I like the pirate-speak more or the sad faces on the plank-goers plus the happy grin on the shark.

More monkey.

The girls had their piano recital last Saturday. They both played so beautifully and did a great job! Abigail and I were supposed to play a duet but her teacher forgot and played the duet part with her instead (totally fine with me since I was way nervous!) and then her teacher asked us to play the duet again at the end, which is why we have some little boys in this picture (since the recital was over at that point).

This is SUCH a characteristic photo--Abigail is like, dude, I played my songs, now can I please go home and get back to my book? And Juliet is like, ooh, a camera!! I will consciously pose but I am crafty enough to not look directly AT the camera (please note that Juliet specified what hairstyle she wanted and waited patiently while I braided it all up and then she informed me that she wanted ribbons at the ends of the braids and picked some out of my craft stuff...Abigail was like, do you HAVE to do my hair? I got this haircut so you couldn't do anything with it other than pull it up! Those two...)

A few of the treats from Abigail's Alice in Wonderland class party (I dropped the petit four which is why the lettering is smudged). I didn't get a shot of the edible teacup before Luke ate it, but I did manage to get a photo of these ones that we saved for Neil.

Incidentally, we found out last week that Juliet won a spot in the same high-ability classroom that Abigail's been in for the last few years--we are THRILLED!!

Chicken kisses! I love love love having our chickens. I feel a ridiculous surge of joy whenever I look out and see them pecking happily around (and it is so fun to see how eager the kids are to take our kitchen scraps out to the chickens and then excitedly report back on what the chickens liked best).

This Lukey boy is such a stinker some minutes and such a darling little snugglebear the next. I would be so bored and lonely without him in my life!!


And this boy. This boy looks SO MUCH LIKE HIS DAD. Like...I know that Neil and I have kids together, right? But I guess I always just sort of thought of Isaac in particular as looking like me, because so many people commented on it when he was a baby. But looking at this picture--it's mini-Neil!!

See? Total snugglebear darling boy putting away his laundry. I love love love my kiddies!

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Elise Gray said...

Luke still reminds me of a mini-Dad. Also, Juliet always reminded me of Laura Ingalls. And I love each of your kids SO much!

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