Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Things that are making me smile today

  • This mucky little boy is such a delight! And that messy face makes me so happy because he is eating!! We saw his dietitian yesterday and his weight gain is within the required parameters for him to still be classified as underweight but NOT failing to thrive (he is gaining 6 grams per day). Such a relief, although there is still a long ways to go! But I have discovered a new yogurt that he loves with 300 calories/14 g. fat per cup, so I'm sort of ridiculously happy about that (it seriously tastes like ice cream).
  • I am almost done painting all of the woodwork in our home. I've been dreading painting the doors (there are 14 of them--and so many hinges!!) for so long and on Monday I finally bit the bullet and started. I am now about 90% done and yippee!! Things are looking so bright and cheery. I love the change. 
  • Speaking of painting, Neil came home from work Monday night at about 1 am and I was still painting--he looked around in amazement and I showed him all my blisters and then I was like, I think I deserve an area rug (because I have been dithering for the longest time over whether it was worth spending the $$ but I HATED looking at our stained living room carpet and it made me grumpy every time I walked past, no matter how many times I scrubbed at the stains)...anyway, he was like, yes, go get your rug. So yesterday I did and it's gorgeous
  • I am sending out some feelers for some summer work. During the school year I am so busy with teaching that once summer hits I'm like, hey, project central! I think I should spend money with all my free time! So I'm trying to get some more editing projects going to give me something to do other than think about Pinterest (need an editor? Shoot me an email!). I really do enjoy editing...I was working on a paper for one of Neil's colleagues over the holiday weekend and it was fun to learn more about what is happening in Neil's lab.
  • The kids are done with school on Friday! Yes, there's some definite trepidation in my mind, but overall I am really excited because I have so many fun things planned! Same sort of schedule that we've always done--adventure day, learning day, art day, etc. etc.
  • I spent last week with my parents, two of my sisters, and my maternal grandparents. I took the boys with me and we spent Tuesday-Friday with them all. It was so nice and so relaxing and so fun to see my sisters. Really just delightful! When I got home the house was shining and immaculate and I was so excited to see the girls & Neil again. We hired a babysitter and Neil and I went for an 8-mile run and talked a million miles a minute and then showered at his lab and had dinner and then wandered around Target (Neil is so kind! He does not like that sort of thing but I love it).
  • The kids and I hit the library yesterday. Always such a delight. Jules was being a total stinker later and hiding in my room with a book when it was time to go to piano lessons...Neil told her that she had lost reading privileges for the rest of the day. That night she was crying in bed and I went in to talk to her and she looked up at me with her big brown eyes and said, "Mom, it's just that reading is my life! I pinky promise that I will be so so good forever if I can have my reading privileges back tomorrow!" So sad but also so cute at the same time.
  • Right now the boys are sitting on the couch looking at a book together all snuggled up against each other's shoulder. This is an awesome change from yesterday when they were wrestling ALL DAY long. Super fun for 5 minutes and then they whack each other and get mad and start hitting and biting and then I have to separate them and then two minutes later they're friends again for the next five minutes...repeat, repeat, repeat. We ended the day with a bloody bite on Isaac's shoulder from feral Luke.
  • I am so in love with our chickens. They are so funny and I love watching them gallop around the yard and chase the scraps that we throw to them (it makes me feel so much better about all the food the kids don't eat!). Isaac was telling me in great detail today which of the chickens have the reddest combs and wattles and then we had a very long talk about eggs vs. chicks and how the chicks grow from eggs. I just love that this is a part of our life now...and I love that the kids get so much joy out of watching the chickens and reporting on their interactions (right now the speculation is that Pomegranate may actually be a rooster!! Oh, you cannot possibly imagine the suspense and drama that this is causing in my kids' world these days! It is easily the #1 topic of conversation ALL THE TIME. That and what perfidies that sneaky Gloria is up to...good thing we have all the Gertrudes who are considerably more docile if not quite so exciting (Juliet's favorite thing is to pick up a Gertrude and sit with it on her lap while she swings and sings to the Gertrude...oh and in case I forgot to mention this we gave up on telling the Buff Orpingtons apart and we just call them all "The Gertrudes" collectively).
  • Lots more good things but Tot wants to eat the keyboard so I'm done for now. 



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