Wednesday, June 18, 2014


  • was a perfect example of Midwest weather. Blisteringly hot and horrendously muggy in the morning. Giant thunderstorm in the evening (our power went out for an hour). Clear and breezy and so beautiful in the late evening. The only thing we needed to make it really Midwestern was a tornado, but thankfully that did not happen (although my poor kids are so used to it that they said, "Thunderstorm on a hot day...we're dumping all of our lovies in your closet and bringing in the bike helmets").
  • we went on an evening walk (post-rainstorm) and we heard Pomegranate crow six times before we even got to the corner. Oh man.
  • we ate sandwiches by candlelight for dinner. It was crazy dark (no power + thunderstorm) and we literally needed candles to see! Fun way to shake things up and make it a more exciting meal than it would have been otherwise (always fun trying to make dinner when there is no electricity).
  • Neil didn't come home for dinner since he was running experiments. Around 7 pm I let the kids watch a movie before bed (I needed to put Nathan down and I'd promised a trip to the library that evening before the power went out and everyone was super bummed when we couldn't go) and they were so excited (hurray! a movie! such a rare treat!) that Luke literally wet his pants while he was sitting on the couch. Yay.
  • I spent a solid hour just picking up little things. Our house is usually pretty tidy but somehow there is always about an hour's worth of little things stashed on bookcase shelves or wedged against the molding or hidden behind know, Legos, K'nex, hair elastics, action figure accessories, scraps of paper, etc. Those are the kinds of things that drive me crazy because I am the only one who bothers to pick them up, but I always notice them and they make everything feel so cluttered even if everything else is put away. So right now my house looks lovely to me!
  • Luke and I took a nap together today. He was soooo sleepy and grumpy when I was reading to him (lots of yawns and pouty faces) but I knew if I put him down he would go crazy, so I asked him if we could snuggle on my bed for awhile. He cuddled right up to me and wrapped his arms around my neck and every so often he would give me these super loud sticky kisses on my cheek and giggle as he snuggled back down again. I watched his long lashes drift up and down and finally he fell asleep and we stayed like that for a good hour or two (poor Tottles woke up during this and I heard him on the monitor and wasn't awake enough to actually go get him for probably another 45 minutes...naps always make me so groggy).
  • I washed Nathan's high chair today. Sad that it's blog-worthy, but it is. Maybe "scrubbed" is a better word because he likes to make a glorious sticky mess of Greek yogurt and banana and then rub it everywhere he can reach and that stuff is like glue once it dries.
  • I've been pulling together a Chicago getaway with Neil--just the two of us. I booked our hotel earlier today and I'm so excited! We're staying in the River North district, which will be a fun change, since we usually tend to stay near Grant Park or the Loop. Good times and I can't wait!


Elise Gray said...

when are you guys going to Chicago?

Amanda said...

This made me laugh because I power washed our high chair today and it was HORRIBLE. It looks much better but my husband is worried I my have sprayed off the protective coating ( its wood) ops. But its clean!

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