Sunday, July 13, 2014

a week or two back

It seems like I'm always a couple of weeks behind in posting things--I need to focus on taking photos with just one device instead of two so that I can update everything at once rather than alternating back and forth! Oh well. These photos of our sushi night a few weeks back are just so fun to me--it is the first time we've ever tried rolling sushi and it was a hit!

I just spread out a ton of ingredients and the kids were able to pick and choose what they wanted to include in their rolls (trying to remember what we had--I think orange & red peppers, cucumber, pears, kiwi, mango, scrambled eggs, avocado, hard salami (no raw fish but the salami was a kid-friendly substitute). We went through the first batch of sushi rice really quickly and then it was kind of a pain to wait 20 minutes for the second one to cook, so I'd recommend making more at the beginning. And the nori sheets went over surprisingly well! The kids were very skeptical of the smell but decided that they couldn't actually taste it in the rolls.

While the younger kids helped with ingredient prep, I put Abigail in charge of writing up instructions on our kitchen whiteboard. She watched a few YouTube tutorials to figure out the best technique and then wrote up a little 5-step process for us to follow.

 Some of our finished rolls--I was really pleased with how well they turned out! Super yummy and lots of fun to make--definitely a nice change from nights where I make dinner while the kids play outside and then they all come in and complain about the food. :-)

One day this past week it was lovely and breezy so we put Tot down for his nap and then all went outside together to read stories on a blanket under the tree (very cozy since it was a small blanket and there were five of us!).

We planted this tree in October of 2006 just a few days after we closed on our home--the little sapling was shorter than me.

We spent a few days with Legos all over the library (we moved the couch to block Tot from coming in when we weren't there) while we sorted through and found missing pieces from various sets. On the second day Luke got tired of stepping on Legos, so he decided to climb up and watch us from the couch and ended up taking a 3-hour nap. Love that kid. He totally isn't bothered at all by the noise and chaos around him!

Abigail loves Pinterest--she found a pin about making ice cubes out of KoolAid and was so excited to try them! First time my kids have ever had KoolAid--I could see their horizons broadening rapidly as they stirred it up. ("You mean we can make juice-stuff from a packet, Mommy?") Sidenote: I was also similarly unfamiliar with KoolAid when I started college, but I thought it was awesome how it always woke me up when I was faced with a long night of studying. It wasn't until after I married Neil that I learned that you were only supposed to make it with one cup of sugar per packet rather than two. Oops...that explains a lot!

 ps--the rest of that dinner was really good too! Makes me hungry just looking at it--I had tried out a new baba ghanouj recipe and it was amazing!! plus my favorite baguettes, the "zucchini stir-fry of glory," as my sister calls it (recipe at the bottom of this post), and apricots which are my very favorite fruit!

 The kids are endlessly entertained by the bizarre places Hermes loves to sleep...
 The other night I was really tired so I persuaded the kids to style my hair (my favorite way to just relax and get a delicious head-rub/hairbrushing/braiding time...I swear, nothing feels so good as having someone else do your hair! Neil was feeling bereft so the kids decided to give him a "flower helmet" (Isaac and Luke aren't in this picture because they were still busily giving me a similarly beautiful hairstyle).

More reading under the tree..
 And some of the things that make me happiest at this time of year--glorious beautiful fruit in my favorite bowl. I rearranged all of my serving dishes the other day so that I can see them first thing every time I open up my cupboards--pretty things make me so happy. Sounds materialistic, I know, but I just love beauty whether it is a bowl full of delectable fruit or a mountain sunrise or a table set with serving pieces I adore. :-)

 See? So very very beautiful.Makes my heart happy.

And here's that recipe! (If you're in my ward this might look familiar--it's the one that I demonstrated a year or two ago at recipe group.)

Zucchini, Corn, and Peanut Stir-fry 
recipe from Fast, Fresh, and Green by Susie Middleton

1 large zucchini (10-11 oz)
1 3⁄4 c. fresh corn (I have used frozen corn with good results)
6 large scallions (or one large onion), diced
2 t. thick hoisin sauce
1 t. fish sauce
1 t. lime juice
1 T. finely chopped fresh ginger
1 1.2 t. minced garlic
1⁄4 t. chili-garlic sauce
2 T. oil
1/3 c. unsalted peanuts
1 t. kosher salt
1 1⁄2 T. finely chopped fresh mint (or 1 t. dried)
1 1⁄2 T. chopped fresh cilantro

1. Trim ends off zucchini, cut in half crosswise, and cut panels off all four sides of each of the halves, revealing inner core & seeds. Discard core, and dice panels. Combine zucchini, corn, and scallions and set by the stove.

2. Combine hoisin sauce, fish sauce, lime juice, and chili sauce in a small bowl. Set aside.

3. Heat 1 T. oil over medium heat and stir-fry peanuts until spotted, 2-3 minutes. Remove from heat and transfer peanuts to a bowl. Add remaining oil, zucchini, onions, corn, and salt. Stir occasionally (more frequently as they start to brown) until the corn is nicely browned and the zucchini is somewhat browned and starting to look translucent.

4. Add ginger-garlic mixture and stir-fry abou 30 seconds until well mixed. Add hoisin mixture, scraping it out of its bowl, and remove the pan from the heat, stirring to incorporate the sauce. Stir in reserved peanuts, mint, and cilantro.

Mix well and transfer to serving platter. This is delicious warm or cold!

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What a beautiful bowl! Wherever did you get such a lovely thing? It makes me smile, too!

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