Tuesday, July 29, 2014

adventuring with my half-grown children

This morning (I know, can you believe I'm blogging it already?!) we revisited a nearby (giant) dairy farm. I spent the majority of the visit thinking, "Oh my goodness, my kids are getting SO old!"

Nathan looked so tall. Abigail looked so tall. In one exhibit with prohibitively tall walls, Juliet busied herself boosting up not just her own siblings, but the other little kids around us. The girls climbed up walls and did flips on the bouncy thing and took care of passing out every else's lunch stuff in the car...sometimes I just take a breath and look around and it's like time has flown by in an eyeblink and everyone is suddenly six inches taller and months more mature. Today was one of those days.
 That's Nathan in the photo below, FYI. Not Luke.

And Abs isn't that much shorter than the ride staff...

Abigail booking it up the climbing wall--wish I'd timed her.

Jules was starting to acquire some groupies who were really impressed with her flips--I heard them excitedly calling over other kids and saying, "Wow, she's going to flip again! Watch--it's amazing!"

And my youngest and oldest, again both looking really tall to me (okay, Nate is squatting down, but...).

 The girls did such a great job all morning of taking turns with Natie on the rides. So sweet and I loved watching them keep an eye out for him.

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Neil said...

I gotta admit, we have very cute kids.

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