Monday, July 14, 2014

Almost there!

 Oh, I'm getting closer and closer to having all of these photos blogged! Too bad I'm behind on people's birthday posts and things like that. Anyway, photos from last week.

On Thursday we went to one of the library's summer programs. This was the third one we've been to and we always seem to be the lone family in a sea of day campers! The older kids sat quietly while I chased Tot all around until everyone had to go to the bathroom and we slipped out, taking our little distraction with us (we always seem to make it 40 minutes into the program before the bathroom break, but quite honestly, that's fine with me).

This particular program was all about cool stuff you can do with science--things like freezing stuff with liquid nitrogen and whatnot. Lots of shaking of chemicals to make them change colors and making little explosions and things like that. It took me back to my BYU days as a physics TA where we would freeze apples and then go throw them on the quad to watch them explode. Good times.

On Friday night we went to use our free Coldstone coupons (again from library summer programs--we have awesome libraries!). It was the first time the boys had ever been to Coldstone and they thought it was pretty magical (the girls had gone once with me last year, so they were very excited to explain everything to the boys).

 After we got our ice cream we walked over to the pedestrian bridge to look for the public art project pianos. Abigail & Juliet's piano teacher headed this one up--there are five or six pianos scattered around the downtown area just for people to sit down and play. Such a fun idea! The piano on the bridge was in constant use so we didn't get to play, but I think we may try another one tomorrow.

(Like the way half of our family is pajama-clad? This was an impromptu trip after bathtime!)
 We saw tons of giant carp swimming upstream and a few kayakers.

 And then the very best part--we were walking towards the train station and realized there was a train zooming past! Oh frabulous day!! So we ran as fast as we could and counted 148 cars whisking by on their way to Chicago. And then as soon as that train was gone another train came by on the next track, and then when that was gone the train that had been sitting on the third track started up and we watched it pull out of the station. The kids were seriously so excited--they couldn't stop talking about how lucky we were. Trains are a big deal, folks.
 I snapped a few photos the other night when Neil was reading stories to Luke & Isaac before bed and I was trying (unsuccessfully) to get Tottie to drink a bit more from his sippy cup. He was way more interested in rampaging around the room.

No photos of this one, but I've been reading myself hoarse at bedtime lately with the girls--we made a big list of all the books they wanted to read this summer that they hadn't read previously, and then of course they've spent all summer just rereading their favorites. So I employed an old trick & started reading the book list books aloud--generally after I read 4 or 5 chapters they get so into the story that they finish it on their own the next day because they can't wait for bedtime! This weekend we knocked out The Girl Who Owned a City and Time Cat.
 This is one of my favorite little vignettes in our home--packed full of projects that I really enjoyed (a couple of weeks ago I painted their dresser to match the bookcase. I love that red!).

And today was Isaac's fifth birthday! It was not as smooth and delightful as I wish it had been, but...I had tried to do a lot of advance prep to make things run smoothly since I knew I wouldn't be feeling well. So rather than having a party here I arranged to meet 4 of his friends from preschool + siblings at the playground and made cupcakes late last night after the kids were in bed. We opened presents (purchased a month ago) and played with friends and had a fun morning; Isaac spent the afternoon putting together new Lego sets and coloring with new art supplies and blissfully ate his favorite black bean chili for dinner.
 Things I did not do well today: I forgot to get the traditional birthday picture under the banner. I battled insomnia last night until 3 am (when I finally took some melatonin) and was so groggy this morning that Neil had to remind me that Isaac was waiting for me to wish him a happy birthday (and was quite distressed). Sidenote: apparently one of the most common side effects of Wellbutrin is having really crazy vivid dreams. Mine have been so bad that I wake up with my entire body aching from tension--last night I dreamed that my home was being attacked and I had to pick up grenades with my bare hands before they killed my children; I watched my dad have a double leg amputation, we were forced to move to Siberia on 5 minutes' notice, etc....honestly, the past week has been full of the worst nightmares I've ever had. I can't even keep track of how many I have every night.

I was so overwhelmed after cleaning up lunch/making dinner that I just couldn't tackle the five-minute task of putting together the pumpkin pie he had requested for dessert, even though I knew it needed to be made a couple hours in advance--and his little face just crumpled into sadness at dinner when Neil suggested cookies instead. So I made the pie after dinner, but I barely finished making it before I pretty much collapsed and ended up going to bed. I read stories to Isaac and Luke in my bed and then Luke fell asleep (and then I fell asleep) and then woke up a couple hours later (shaking after more nightmares!!) when Neil put Luke in his own bed and I went out into the kitchen and saw Isaac's uncut pumpkin pie still cooling in the 'fridge. Poor kid. I really felt bad that I was not very together today--I was struggling to make small talk this morning at the park and once we got home I was so dizzy and nauseated I was barely functional! I kept forgetting words for things--like "book"--and I was so exhausted from retrieving Nathan from everywhere he shouldn't be that I finally just went out on the sidewalk and let him splash in puddles, then took him inside and stuck him in the bathtub with Luke to splash around there until Neil got home. It was a long day riddled with a lot of guilt and feeling inadequate about not being the mother I wish I was.

Abigail made all kinds of signs around the house for Isaac out of Legos. This was the one with his name; dizzy-with-vertigo me managed to drop her very best one spelling out "Happy Birthday" and smash it apart on the fireplace.
 And I didn't do a very good job getting photos at the park, are a few.

 And a few photos Neil took of Nathan while I was asleep...Nathan, who is not content with running everywhere at top speed, spends every day figuring out something new to climb. So far he's figured out how to 1) climb the toilet to the bathroom sinks (which opens up a whole world of delightful exploration), 2) open the dishwasher when it is closed so that he can climb up the racks, 3) climb up the bookcases to get something from the top shelf, 4) use a chair to climb onto the table, 5) climb onto the couches and then onto their backs to knock down all of our photos and 6) today he figured out how to climb inside the washing machine.

We've tried a few methods of stopping him and none are very effective. His absolute least favorite is when we scoot all the chairs up to the table--then he climbs onto the seats and screams bloody murder...

 So my goals for tomorrow are to get some real photos & a birthday post done for Isaac, because that kid is too awesome to be skipped over! Love him so much.

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