Wednesday, July 09, 2014


I haven't been doing very well on consistently doing our learning/art days, but we have been making it out for adventure days! A few selfies from the day we went to the Amazon safari at the library (a guy with lots of cool animals) and then Chick-Fil-A for lunch afterwards (thanks for the free lunch coupons, library summer reading club!)

My favorite thing about this day was that when we arrived at the restaurant all the kids asked if they could go play on the slides. I said yes, but Abigail opted to stay with me and wait for our food to be ready. It was so nice chatting with her! She is really growing up and becoming more helpful--I don't know what I will do when she goes back to school this fall and is no longer my awesome volunteer bagger at the grocery store (darn, I will have to stop using the super-quick self-checkout lanes!).

One day where we did manage to do our art/learning days--we talked about volcanoes, earthquakes, and plate tectonics and then made a giant topographical map out of salt dough. We still haven't painted steps.

 On the 4th of July we met my parents and two of my sisters + one brother-in-law (the other is currently deployed in the Middle East) at the beach. It was so beautiful! We stayed there for about six hours and the kids were so happy and cheerful the entire time. I was worried that Tot would be exhausted but he was an absolute dream.

The water was SO cold but the kids didn't let that stop them! I made them come out every so often (basically when their lips were blue) to dry off. They lay around wrapped up in towels and begged me to feed them handfuls of crackers and grapes. 

Natie charged all over the beach, making friends left and right.

 Once we all came home and showered it was time for fireworks--yippee! Abigail went to the grocery store with her aunts and uncle and was very excited about the number of fireworks she persuaded them to buy, and even more excited to be Uncle Paxton's helper in the actual firework-lighting (don't worry, her participation was pretty minimal).

We set off our little fireworks and then headed over to the high school to watch the big community fireworks. I realized this was the first time I'd watched them there since I was a junior in high school--fourteen years ago! (My senior year I watched them from the beach.)

Selfie with my two youngest sisters..Elise on the left and Rosalind on the right. Notice my short hair (it's an angled bob) and bangs? Yeah, crazy.
 The next day we had a cookout in my parents' backyard--fun fun fun!

 Isaac was super excited about this Star Wars TIE fighter s'more he made all by himself--he had me take multiple photos!
 One of my favorite parts of the weekend was watching my grandfather hold Nathan, who you may recall is named (Nathan Edward) for my grandfather (Edward John Xavier Aloysius).

My youngest sister, Rosalind, just delivered her first baby today via scheduled C-section at 37 weeks. Sweet Adelaide was literally a miracle baby for my sister, who has medical conditions that almost inevitably make it impossible to conceive and carry a child to full term. Rosalind's husband, Chris, is currently deployed in the Middle East with the Air Force, so she came home from BYU this summer to live with my parents and have her baby. She will go back to BYU as a full-time student this fall. Amazing, right? It's really something to have one's little sister be this kind of example of courage and faith--neither she nor Chris were planning on having a baby anytime soon, but both of them felt very strongly that they should not delay until he was back from deployment and  they were done with school.

Rosalind's doctors all told her that the chance of her baby surviving was miniscule; Chris gave her a priesthood blessing that promised that her baby would defy the odds. And she did. Little Addie weighed in today at 4 lbs 5.2 oz., almost a full pound more than we were hoping! (That photo of Rosalind with Juliet was taken two days ago.)

And last but not least, my own dear wee one. Nathan is the perfect baby for me in this stage of my life. He is very needy, insists on being in my arms almost all day long, and is incredibly attached to me to the point where he doesn't even like Neil to hold him. I realize that doesn't sound very ideal, but right now it is so, so, so good for me to feel so loved and wanted by someone. Occasionally Nathan will wake up at night (any time we are away from home, for instance, like this past weekend) and he is completely inconsolable until I pick him up and cuddle him in my arms. He falls asleep almost instantly and will spend the whole night asleep in my arms. Last night he woke up and I brought him back to bed with us--Neil tried to pick him up to give me a break and Nathan immediately stretched his arms out and cried, "Mama, mama!" and I took him and he fell asleep instantly (Neil did insist, however, that he go back to his crib a few minutes later).

It is good to be loved.


Kayli said...

Pretty pretty hair!!

Jen Bosen said...

Your hair is darling. Totally different for you but I adore it.

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