Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Juliet is 7!

 Our sweet Juliet celebrated her golden birthday just a few days before school started. As luck would have it, every single person in our family was snuffling and miserable with an end-of-summer cold, but we still managed to have fun! (Our original plan had been to go camping for her birthday...we all wound up asleep in our own beds at 7 pm that night instead. Oh well.)

We had a nice morning--we opened presents bright and early, made the pancakes & bacon Juliet had requested, and then played with her new Legos most of the day (we were all so crummy-feeling that we didn't even remember about lunch. I fed Natie and everyone else was just like...I think I can handle a piece of toast and some water).

Juliet's birthday cake was very simple (thanks to a good idea from my mom--otherwise it would have been a plate stacked with Oreos!)--an Oreo crust + all the chocolate ice cream in my freezer + more crumbled Oreos on top. Quite the hit and this girl was delighted!

Juliet is, as always, a sweet little spitfire. She swings from being utterly enchanting and batting her eyes at you one minute to being a little tornado the next! The other night after she and I had yet another tussle over whether she would or would not do something I looked at her and said, "Jules, the problem here is that the two of us are too much alike!" And she laughed and said, "Yep, that's exactly it!" and we hugged and made up.

When Jules was about two I remember that people were constantly telling us that she would be a handful as she got older, but I must say, I am always so impressed by Juliet's ability to take a step back, defuse, and look at the situation objectively (it definitely helps that this is our second go-round with a seven-year-old and we've learned a few tricks!). She is bright, intelligent, independent, and stubborn, but she is also incredibly loving and has an ability far beyond her years to consider how her actions impact others. She is very compassionate, quick to help, and an absolute delight in our family.

Juliet's favorites right now: reading reading reading! (She made it through the entire Harry Potter series in first grade, whipped through all the published-thus-far Percy Jackson books over the summer, and spent the last week before school started rereading all the Little House books.)

As always, she is super into imaginative play and dressing up. Over the course of the summer we slowly watched most of the Star Wars movies and that provided fodder for many an afternoon of adventure.

So glad we have our darling Jules in our family! Here's to another great year with this sweet girl!


Crapos said...

Just wanted to let you know that I always enjoy reading your posts. I know how hard this last year has been for you but I still look at all you do and am in awe. I don't mother nearly as well as you do - or anything else really for that matter.
I laughed out loud at your description of Juliet. It made Neil wonder why. I wonder if she is much like Charlotte. She also bats her eyes and then instantaneously transforms into a monster. Only with Charlotte there is a definite mean streak to it.

Rachael said...

Thanks, Ashley--that means a lot to me.

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