Monday, August 04, 2014

Monday night fun

 Tonight for Family Home Evening we decided to go for a bike ride and grab some ice cream on the way. We packed along our ice cream scoop and stopped at the grocery store to pick out a couple of yummy flavors & some waffle cones, then went to a nearby playground and had ourselves a delightful time.

Note to self: keeping the kids up an hour past bedtime for a seven-mile bike ride and lots of running at the playground equates to no bedtime fuss at all--they were out almost instantly!

Juliet is my favorite photobomber. Seriously, she's awesome.

 One of my favorite things these days is watching the older kids look out for Nathan. They are so great about it and I (almost) never have to ask them to help him out--they just do it! Too bad their parents aren't as on top of things, since Neil and I both agreed that we should toss a diaper in the bike trailer, didn't actually do it, and wound up using a crumpled-up napkin (moistened in a nearby drinking fountain) and a plastic grocery sack (thanks, ice cream stop!) as a makeshift diaper/wipe. #parentingfailorwin?

Everyone (except me--I'm still having crazy issues with vertigo, thanks!) went for a ride--or fifty--on the "Vomit Comet." I have no idea where that name originated, but gross.

 Isaac was having an awesome time...

And Natie started to slow down just before we packed everyone back on their bikes, and so I snapped a few photos of my beautiful beautiful baby (who is 15 and a half months!!). I love him so much and I love the darling stage he's in...lots of babbling, getting into EVERYTHING (he climbed onto the trampoline yesterday, which is something that Luke just mastered this year), and all kinds of general darlingness. My very favorite is when the kids say, "Natie, who's the cutest baby in the world?" and he says, "Meeeee! Meeee!" and they kiss him and say, "Yes, yes you are, Natie! You're the cutest baby in the world!"

As Neil said when we were pulling up to our house in the dusky rose-tinged twilight, we've got a pretty great little family.

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kathleen said...

Very cute photos and I too have a Juliet!

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