Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My last (?) baby is 16 months old

This boy is less baby and more toddler every day! I took all of these photos yesterday (Sunday) and wow, they're pretty blurry, but you should have seen the ones I'm not posting...he is go go go all the time. (And as you'll see farther down, he also figured out how to use my iPad to take selfies during family scripture study. 16 months my foot). 

Nathan's second year of life is so much more enjoyable for all of us than his first. He is eating and drinking and we are no longer having to track how many ounces of weight he gains every day, which is awesome. I can finally just relax and enjoy him--okay, I can just try to keep up with him, as he is WAY more skilled/agile/crafty/climbing than any and all of our other children. His favorite thing to do is to run into the bathroom, close the toilet lids, climb into one of the sinks, turn on the faucets, and simultaneously stuff all the nearby toothbrushes into his mouth (which is why the most frequent noise in our house is an older child yelling "Tottie Alert! Tottie Alert! Tottie Alert!" and then enraged Nathan yells as he is pulled away from whatever activity he is not supposed to be doing, like taking my Garmin GPS watch for a dip in the toilet, or climbing inside the washer, or climbing onto the trampoline BY HIMSELF or opening the fridge/dishwasher/oven/interior doors, licking the power meter, etc. You know, just those sorts of things). 

Good thing he's so darn cute that he has every single one of us (except Luke, who still views him as a crazed interloper) wrapped around his finger. When the biggies get home from school they immediately run to him and he greets them by name ("Bah-bah-boh! Doo-wa!") and then gives them giant slobbery kisses all over their faces. 

I was giving the boys haircuts last week and every time I tried to use the scissors on Tot, he went crazy trying to pull them away and use them himself (yes, that's another great skill he's already mastered). So he ended up with a buzz cut, in case you were wondering...

This set of photos is all from scripture study the other night. I was using my iPad since Tot had my copy of the Book of Mormon (we just keep a big stack on our end table and pass them out for scriptures) and I couldn't help but take a few pictures of how intent he was. Of course, it didn't take him long to decide that he'd really rather trade me the paperback version for the electronic...

So as you may remember from past posts, I have really been agonizing for the last six months or so over whether it is time to shift our focus from growing our family to raising our family. This is another thing where I have finally found peace and friends, I am just loving the stage we are in right now and the opportunity to really focus in and enjoy each of my children as individuals. My pregnancies have been increasingly difficult and I'm looking forward to a fall that is not spent on bed rest (that is, if this darn plantar fasciitis calms down!) 

Before we had children, Neil and I always planned to have six children, and part of me is like, what, don't quit now! and another part of me is like, hello, dummy, don't have another child just to hit a numerical goal. As our children get older I realize how easy it is to keep having babies--because babies are easy! Don't get me wrong, pregnancy, delivery, sleepless nights and crying babies (and parents!) and exploding diapers and never going anywhere during naptime--those things are not easy--but now that I am dealing with some real heartbreakers of issues with my older children, I'm realizing more and more that I need to be 100% present for them in a way that I just can't be with a difficult pregnancy or a newborn. This answer isn't a one-size-fits-all type, but this is what I have come to feel after lots of fasting and prayer and blessings and loooong talks with my husband. (Plus, do you realize that in a year I could be DONE with diapers and naptime?!?!?!) In hindsight, I think so many of the difficulties of the last year prepared me to accept an answer that I never would have been content with otherwise--does that make any sense at all? It's still really bittersweet to me--and who knows, we might have another couple of children in a few years--but for now, I am focusing on the babies I have.


I remember a friend of mine telling me that with her fifth and last child, she and her husband were constantly saying to each other,"This phase is so darling! Did so-and-so do such cute things at this age? Goodness, we missed out on a lot!" and I often feel the same way. Natie is a rascal but an absolutely darling, endearing, precious little rascal, and I am enjoying his toddlerhood so much...as are we all. Cross your fingers that this child is not going to be spoiled by the total and unreserved adoration of his parents and siblings (don't worry, they still frequently lock him out of their rooms so he can't eat their Legos and Neil & I are still driven bonkers by his inventive antics, so it's not all Nathan-worship around here!).

Pretty darn lovable.

So remember when I mentioned that he figured out how to take selfies? Yeah, he's totally in love with the camera button AND with seeing his own little face (I like how my arm is in every single one of these pictures trying to hold the iPad out of his reach and frantically trying to get back to my scriptures app. Why do little kids figure out how to do crazy electronic navigational shortcuts that I can never recreate?

aaaand the end, because mean Mommy took away the iPad.


Crapos said...

Deciding on how big your family should be is really hard, isn't it? We actually have one more than I ever thought we would and I'm so glad because Amelia is just so sweet. But having big kids with all of their school/friend/growing up troubles is really hard with little ones. I feel like none of my children get the attention they need right now. Heavens, it took forever just to carve out alone time with Sadie to have "The Talk." There are just always so many little people around with so many different needs. And I really worry now about my big kids and teaching them the things they need to know so that they can be the awesome, strong, wonderful people that I want them to be.
Nathan is adorable and if you do decide to be done, you've ended on a good note :)

lindley said...

Thank you SO much for your comment on my post and insight on my wallplate outlet adventures. I wasn't sure I would get past the wallplate myself, but was planning on asking my hubby. He doesn't have much knowledge in all of that, and may have attempted something he shouldn't have! Exactly my point about some things are DIY and some just aren't! Wisdom to know the difference!! You have a cutie little 16 month old!

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