Sunday, August 03, 2014

Our tiny chicks are growing up!

First things first--is Pomegranate not an absolutely beautiful rooster? I just love love looking at him. Sadly, he's no longer a fixture in our backyard--I realized we were only keeping him to look at and that we really needed to find him a new home, since we don't want to hatch chicks (okay, I want to have hatching chicks, but we don't have the space to house them) and I cringed every time I heard his beautiful LOUD crow echoing across our yard. (I was really really having a hard time letting him go because he was so gorgeous and I loved to see him proudly strutting around. Then he started getting really aggressive towards the hens, as roosters are wont to do, and I was like, okay, I don't want to be a party to these poor hens living like this for no reason, natural process or not).

So he has moved to another farm. I'm crossing my fingers that he proves his worth there as a good rooster so that he is the rooster who gets to survive the fall harvesting process.

And speaking of our hens...look what we found in one of the nesting boxes yesterday!

I learned this yesterday: one small egg = excitement beyond Christmas morning, adults included. (It was delicious! We fried it up and everyone had a bite...super deep orange-colored yolk).

I spent about twenty minutes yesterday helping Luke to catch Yoda (FYI chickens are really really fast! Like unbelievably so) and when he finally got to hold his special chicken, he was like, "Mommy, my Yoda got so HEAVY!"

I really think the chickens are so beautiful. I absolutely love to look out the window and see them happily clucking and pecking around the yard.

And oh my, are these chickens the best thing in Tottie's life or what? We have all learned that if Nathan is getting into something he shouldn't, we can just say, "bok bok bok" and he will instantly run to the window and repeat, "bok bok bok" and look for his chickens!

One of the reasons why I really wanted to get chickens was because I wanted our kids to have the opportunity to have responsibilities that really mattered. And as I watched Isaac tromp outside after dinner with all of the food scraps, wearing Neil's way-too-big-sandals and calling, "Chick chick chick chick-eeeeeee!" I thought, oh, this is exactly what I was hoping for. Love it.

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Kayli said...

Sooo cute! I want chickens too!

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