Sunday, August 03, 2014

Winding down the summer

This is our last full week before school starts again (!!!!). It's flown.

Last week the boys told me they wanted to snuggle during Nathan's nap. Who am I to refuse? I don't think I've ever before gotten the chance to lie on my bed with both Isaac and Luke asleep in my arms (I was in that open space between them). It was heavenly.

Last week we made our "traditional" (i.e. this is the second year) back-to-school personalized shirts. I didn't get a picture of Abigail & Isaac's, but Abigail chose a "fierce dragon" with a wicked green glitter in its eye (aka sparkly green puffy paint) and Isaac wanted an imperial walker from Star Wars--I know it's not an AT-RT because he corrected me on that. I'll have to post a picture later because they (Isaac's especially) turned out really well (as did the millions-of-itty-bitty-pieces-Millenium-Falcon I made for Neil).

(note: Juliet's shirt was drawn with fabric markers; the rest were freezer paper stencils. I like the look of the stencils better but I didn't think I'd be able to make the stencil for Juliet's shirt and still be sane on the other side!)

A week or two ago I had to run some errands in the evening and I took Abigail with me. She is such a fun little lady--I love her dry sense of humor! She is really getting to be mature, responsible, compassionate, and thoughtful. She is quick to apologize, to admit an error, and to do her best to make amends. I am blown away every day by how mature she is becoming and what a delight she is in my life! (We snapped this photo to remind me that I needed to check on getting faux eggs to teach the chickens where to lay...something I still haven't done but maybe we don't need to now?)


I think I've mentioned a time or two that Isaac is completely obsessed with Legos!! A couple of weeks ago we got a call from our library letting us know that Isaac had won their first-place grand prize for the summer reading program--a year's family membership to this really amazing children's museum! However, we already have discounted tickets to the museum, so I called the library back and asked them to offer the prize to another family. They were pretty confused and kept trying to get us to take the prize, but I didn't want to take it away from someone who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford the museum tickets (they're about $18 per person), and so I finally asked them if we could switch for a different prize. The librarian was much happier about this option and so Isaac ended up with a really amazing Lego set. He was SO thrilled and spent the entire rest of the day sitting by the garage door waiting for Neil to get home (I had a couple weeks where I didn't feel safe driving) to take him to the library!

 I've done a lot of running this summer, but I've also been (semi) enjoying my enforced break while I wait for the swelling in my foot to subside. Neil and I did a 16-mile bike ride around town last night that was absolutely lovely...we spent part of the time calling back and forth a numbered list of things we love about our town. There are so many. I love it here and despite the burning desire to be done with grad school, I will be heartbroken when it's time for us to leave!

My darling Tottles in a photo that won't orient correctly...

 And a selfie for no reason other than the fact that I don't appear on this blog very often.

We had a family Lego build party the other night and I thought that my upright piano was a great improvement on the pianos I built as a kid. :-)

Neil and I were watching a movie on Friday night and he fell asleep halfway through. I watched by myself for awhile but then I got bored so I started drawing on his face with washable markers. He woke up and we ended up having this giant battle racing through our house attacking each other with markers (yes, it was midnight) and laughing so hard we couldn't stand up. Then we snuck into our kids' rooms and drew mustaches on all of them because we're really mature like that.

Tottie before church this morning. All three of my boys were wearing little vests and ties and they were so adorable!!! (PS--see that stuffed cat between Nathan and Hermes? I can't tell you how many times I have just about had a heart attack seeing that cat under piles of toys or shut in a door or something like that.)
 And a couple more misoriented photos--I snapped this one with my iPad today while I was waiting for Neil after church, who was waiting for the last kiddo to be picked up by her parents. He has been in the nursery in our ward for almost three years (our church services are 3 hours long each Sunday; the first hour or so is spent as a family meeting with everyone else in the main meeting where we partake of the sacrament and listen to talks from ward members. We don't have a paid clergy; it is all volunteer service referred--for instance, Neil will be speaking in sacrament meeting next week, and everyone has a responsibility which we refer to as "callings" like teaching classes, organizing activities, etc. The next two hours are spent in Sunday School [a teacher will lead a discussion based on the scriptures; this has been my calling for the last two years] and Relief Society [for women older than 18], priesthood meetings [for men older than 18], Young Women's or Young Men's [youth ages 12-18], Primary [children ages 3-12]. Children who are between 18 months and 3 years old go to nursery. In our ward we have so many young children that we have about 50 children in nursery, so they rotate between classes. Neil is in charge of the class where they eat snacks, read stories, and sing songs. He is so amazing at this and does really awesome voices for all the books and makes things generally very exciting for the kids--it's neat watching his enthusiasm and love for the tiny little kiddos in our ward). Anyway, this photo is turned sideways but perhaps you can see some of his intensity in creating the perfect bubbles.
 And one last sideways photo--my Lego-obsessed little Isaac insisted I take a photo of him with all of his currently-assembled sets. It's interesting to see that my girls will get a set, build it once, and then decide use it to build something completely different (they have four or five Lego Friends sets, all of which are currently in use to make Laura & Mary's house from On the Banks of Plum Creek, Pandora's box, a dragon's treasure hoard & the dragon,  and the Argo II from the Percy Jackson series). Isaac, on the other hand, likes to keep all of his sets assembled and then will carefully disassemble and rebuild them one at a time using the instructions which he has put into sheet protectors inside 3-ring binders (okay, I put the instructions in, but he sat next to me and handed me each page with strict instructions not to mix them up). And Luke just goes wild and crazy in our giant box of loose Legos and builds all kind of exciting contraptions. Good times.

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Melanie said...

You say Isaac, I say Adam... Our boys and their Legos! Worth every single penny.

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