Sunday, September 14, 2014

Beach house

So when I vacation somewhere, I have this thing about really wanting the place where I stay to reflect the “feeling” of the vacation. I also want the place I stay to be sufficiently beautiful so that I am constantly looking around and thinking how lovely it is, rather than being distracted by décor that is not to my taste.

Really unworldly, right? But this means that I like to spend a gazillion hours trying to find something that I love that evokes the tone of the vacation, like the pioneer log cabins we've stayed in at Nauvoo or the gorgeous log house in the Smokies. For this trip I really wanted a beautiful, cool, beachy-but-not-kitschy home.

 And oh, this was such a winner! I think I took a photo of just about every single piece of furniture, art, etc. It was like my perfect Pinterest beach house dream board come to life...the lovely British woman who owns the home has absolutely impeccable taste and spared no expense when she renovated the place last year.

 Seriously, This is like my beach house paradise. The colors were so cool and calming and the entire house was just this breezy, beautiful, wonderful place. The homeowner also had left us a GIANT goody basket full of all sorts of treats and water toys, and then she also had these scented air pump thingies everywhere (I can't remember the brand name but they automatically dispense air fresheners every 20 minutes or so, so the entire house always smelled amazing!). I just constantly felt so relaxed by my surroundings.

I was half-jokingly telling Neil last night that I want to go back here for Thanksgiving because I want to use the double convection ovens to cook Thanksgiving dinner.

And is this not the most idyllic backyard pool you can imagine?

We ate every single meal out at the table in the Florida room overlooking the pool. I have got to have a room like that in my house some was heated and cooled, but still has all of the feeling of a gorgeous sunroom with tons of light and the most comfy couches ever.

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