Thursday, September 25, 2014

Life lessons and daily snapshots

I sort of feel like I should say something about the relative lack of substantive posts on the blog lately. I've been thinking a lot about this talk lately as I've been feeling so despondent--not depressed, but very despondent. This talk just speaks to me so much. I am SO grateful for both my Father in Heaven and for my father here on earth, both of whom have been on the receiving end lately for a lot of tears and worries from me, and both of whom have comforted me so much when I felt like I literally could not talk to anyone else.

I was talking with a member of my stake presidency tonight in a temple recommend interview , and at the conclusion of the interview he looked at me and told me that one of the most important things we can gain here on Earth is the ability to lean on the Savior's Atonement. He mentioned that it is not just to get us through one or two really difficult trials in life, but everything--physical pain, worries, "small" trials, etc. (This is about the time when I started crying.) This meant so much to me--I had said nothing in our conversation to indicate that this would be a really meaningful topic for me to discuss, but it has been on my mind so much lately--like all the time, and worrying and wondering how I can do everything I need to do and knowing that there is NO way I possibly can, and knowing that I've just got to somehow relinquish control and turn things over to the Lord and have faith that He will do what I can't. I am so grateful for that good man who listened to spiritual promptings to know exactly what I needed to hear. Sometimes it is too easy for me to forget that the Lord's hand is stretched out to me, but that I have to reach back to take His hand, and that so much of mortality is really about putting us in a position where there is no possible way we can make it through without reliance on the Lord--and that we have to acknowledge that and turn to Him, and that through doing so we create the kind of faith and resilience that we never would have otherwise. And this is definitely a lesson that is going to take me a lifetime to learn.

And on to a lighter topic--thanks for bearing with me.

Some days I have a spare moment to walk around during that hour before dinner and 
snap a quick photo of what everyone happens to be doing at that particular moment in time. And here are some of my favorites. 

Like Luke snuggled up on my bed with a giant pile of Curious George books and a K'nex sculpture that he made himself and carried everywhere for an entire day...

...or the two littlest boys stirring their "potion" which kept them busy in the afternoons for almost a week.

Luke zonked out on my bed for a late afternoon nap.

My beautiful grown-up Abigail working on her math homework at the kitchen table while she listens to her mp3 audiobook, which she checked out from the school library, the very possibility of which pretty much blew my mind.

Luke catching some air on a sweet jump

Abigail helping Tot take off Isaac's helmet (she thought he would be safer from Luke this way, which is a good idea in theory if not in execution with the too-big helmet on the trampoline).

Jules working on a book club assignment--this girl has some really interesting homework habits. For instance, when she's working on a math problem she typically does all these wild somersaults and runs around the room; when she is memorizing vocab words she chants and marches around the house. Funny but I do worry about her need to move while she learns & how it plays out at school.

Natie in the swing--one of his favorite places in the world!

The boys were wearing long-sleeved shirts on this particular day when they went out to play and got so hot! I came out to check on them after a few minutes and chuckled when I found both of their shirts very carefully arranged on the patio side by side.

Abs collecting eggs--we are getting about an egg per hen now! Fun times and my kids are in heaven.

Sweet Jules pushing the boys on the swings. One of the things I am really loving these days is watching my kids look out for each other. I really try to never have them be taking on parental-type roles (they didn't sign up for more siblings!), but we definitely do try to foster an environment where they can recognize a need that they are able to fill. On this particular day Abigail was reading on the trampoline to keep Tot company while he jumped around and I got to experience the joy of making dinner without Tottles underfoot. Lovely!

A few weeks ago Nathan had his first s'more. Frankly, I don't think he enjoyed the process--poor guy! He couldn't actually get it out of his hand to pop it in his mouth. Methinks we're really going to have to give him lots of opportunities to learn that skill this fall.

We are slooowly staining wood around here--we've made it through the swingset, half of the pergola, and the entire exterior perimeter of the fence. I am loving how it looks! So nice and fresh and lovely.

And good golly I love turning on those bubble lights and having a little family party out there.

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Kayli said...

What are you talking about you didn't have older kids just so they could look after your younger kids?!?!?!?!

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