Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Loving the laundry room


I've managed to do about a million house/craft/whatever projects this year and have blogged about, oh, very few of them. I'm under no illusions that I will ever be--or want to be--a DIY or home or organizational or style blogger, but the changes I've made in my laundry room lately are small enough and yet have such a big impact on my sanity that what the heck, it's going on my blog (even months after the fact).

So when we originally bought our house it had this dismal little room between the garage and main hallway that had washer/dryer hookups, some really horrible broken wire shelving (have I ever mentioned that we bought a foreclosure? We did) and the walls were primed but unpainted. Sadly this room did not take top priority and after we bought this really sketchy washer/dryer from some friends (we repaired both machines sooo many times and it took about 2.5 hours to dry a load of laundry) we took down the ugly shelves, put up some cabinets and hooks for coats, and left the room alone for a few years.

Before Isaac was born Neil and I spent a weekend moving around the washer and dryer and painting the room. We painted it the same shade that we had used for most of the other main living areas in the house but it looked really horribly yellow in that little room.

Earlier this winter our washer finally gave up the ghost. I was SO thrilled! Seriously, I was practically skipping with joy. The dryer was so barely functional that we just replaced them both at the same time and I spent waaay too much time in there gloating over the glories of laundry that would magically be done in less than two hours.

At the beginning of the summer I painted the trim & baseboards ( can tell that I still haven't painted behind the machines yet!) and Neil built a nice wide shelf to fit over the washer & dryer. I picked up some lovely little baskets at Target and labeled them with everyone's name for their laundry and man oh man, those have been LIFE-CHANGING. No more teetering piles! I printed out a few quotes that I found especially inspirational and put them up on the walls, and Neil replaced the ceiling fixture so the room is now nice and bright instead of so dim that you can't tell if that's a stain on your shirt or not.

And a couple of weeks ago when everyone was back to school I spent naptime painting the walls the same shade of gray that is in our master bathroom and kitchen. I love love love it (it looks weirdly green in this next photo, but it's not).

Last but not least, a couple of things that really make this room delightful for me--the new rug which is a) much more in keeping with my style than the brown garage-style mat that was there before b) actually fits the space (the old one was too small) and c) does a fabulous job of scraping off shoes! nice and bristly while still being soft to bare feet when you're folding laundry--and the "lonesome sock" box that I made by cutting down a cardboard shipping box and then Mod Podging scrapbook paper all over it. I also painted everyone's coat/backpack hook a color of their choosing which has completely eliminated all of the arguing about so-and-so using more than their fair share of hooks (painted it about six months ago and it's worked like a charm!)

I love these kinds of projects. Fairly small cosmetic and functional changes (although the washer and dryer were neither small nor cosmetic!) that have a huge impact on my willingness to do a chore that takes up a ton of my time. :-) Now I actually look forward to folding laundry because it's such a happy place for me AND I know that all of my folded piles won't get knocked down before the kids get around to putting them away!

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