Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall fun

I still have hopes that Nathan and Luke will become friends! Slowly but surely we're edging into--if not a brotherhood of love--some sort of detente. I'll take what I can get.

When Neil and I were dating, we drove out to the pier that goes out onto Utah Lake and watched the mileage of his Jeep flip over to 100,000 miles. That we saw it flip to 200,000 last week is a testament to Neil's mechanical skills...I honestly cannot believe that thing is still going!!

Although last week as I clambered over the passenger seat in a pencil skirt (we were taking two cars to church and Neil took the kids in the van while I was still finishing getting ready), I thought about how excited I will be to graduate and hopefully replace Neil's beloved Jeep with a car whose driver's side door actually opens and closes. 

 A month or so ago we met some friends at the zoo. I have a few children who actually like the animals to be near them and a few who don't; most of them, however, have taken at least 3-4 years to tolerate the idea of an animal in their space. Nathan has no such reservations.

 He also had no reservations about jumping in the fountains (it was not exactly a warm day--the boys were both wearing sweaters, and if it had been my first child I certainly would have rushed them out of the fountains, but since it was not my first child, I let them keep playing). Afterwards we met Neil for lunch and Nate wore his spare onesie (I stopped carrying a diaper bag forever ago but I do at least keep a onesie and a diaper in my purse, although this reminds me that I never bothered to replace them) and Luke wore my cardigan, sat on my lap, and ate all of the mushrooms out of my lunch. (He also loves hummus, which is awesome.) 


I love his expression SO much in both of these photos. What a doll!

 A few weeks after that my dad came down for the weekend and we went hiking. It was so beautiful and the weather was just gorgeous! We've hiked in this particular park a few times, but I think the last time we were there with my dad was when Luke was an infant. It was a really beautiful day and my dad was very good-natured about carrying Abigail's pink backpack wherein we had stashed all the food (poor guy, if I'd known that he would end up carrying it I would have at least grabbed an adult backpack--Abigail's fits me but definitely not Neil or my dad!). It was SO nice to have him here for the weekend; I've really been missing him a lot lately!



And the weekend after that we went to a local festival celebrating our town's early days as a French fur-trading outpost. This particular festival happens to be a huge deal ("local" is a misleading term) and yet it was the first year we've ever gone! I've been to the site a couple times to run down there and whatnot and I didn't realize that the part I've been to was like a tiny speck of the actual festival site--it was HUGE!! We were there for three hours and we didn't even come close to seeing everything. (It was also freezing cold and we had to wait an hour each way for the shuttle bus.)
I love how these photos are taken a week apart and just showcase the craziness of Midwest weather--hot hot hot one week, practically snowing the next!

 One thing that I thought was interesting was that so many of the attendees were dressed up, not just the participants. Apparently it's this huge thing and some of the people I talked to have been coming for 30 years and they just add to their "costume" every year and have fun walking around checking things out. We missed the landing of the voyageurs (they come up the river in their birch-bark canoes), but we did see their beached canoes which were very cool. It had rained a lot earlier in the week and so the river was super high and everything was wet and squishy and smelled like rain and woodsmoke and bacon. Very fun and I loved the fifes and bagpipes and drums and cannons! Just a really neat time. 

This is the recreation of the original fort for which the park is named. 

My favorite photo I took that day--love the visual paradox. 

Then we came home and this cutie started throwing up and we spent a few days weathering stomach flu. Which brings us almost up to date!

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