Saturday, October 11, 2014

Why hello!

I have a few minutes more to keep icing my foot post-run and the most effective way to do it is if I sit down and roll a frozen waterbottle under my arch while I'm thinking about something else (because ice is soooo fun!). So I've finished up all the available grading and whatnot...time for my poor neglected blog.

  • I have a goodly number of pictures from some adventures over the last couple of weeks that I've promised myself will go up at some point this weekend. Hopefully. 
  • Life is so busy. I have thought about a dozen times this week that it might be time for my blog to kiss the Internet goodbye, but then I think that it's the only way I'm preserving a lot of the good memories, so...
  • One of those good memories is the day a couple of weeks ago that Abigail came home from school with a goose egg on her forehead. As I was exclaiming over it she explained that it came from running into another kid in her class while they were playing Bats and Moths at recess. Further questioning revealed that when you're a bat you have to close your eyes as you chase the moths, because bats use echolocation rather than eyesight. Turns out that there was a LOT of playground bat-smashing-bat going on. Love those high-ability smart, but not always street smart. 
  • I am really having a hard time with the kids & school right now. No details (thanks, public forum!) but goodness golly am I struggling with each of them in very different ways. Some of them are good struggles, as struggles go, and some of them are not. Homeschooling can't be as delightful and lovely as it looks, can it?
  • Natie is saying lots of new words these days--he is sooo in love with bringing everyone their "sss-ewww-ss" (shoes). Which means that there are shoes ALL OVER MY HOUSE all the time and nobody can ever find their shoes when they're getting ready to go somewhere. The ones that Nate can reach most easily (when they're put away) are Luke & Isaac's shoes, which means that poor Luke is in a perpetual state of stress about his shoes and whether he will be able to find them when he needs them.
  • Speaking of shoes, today I gave away a whole bunch of stuff that my kids have outgrown. 95% of me was thrilled to pass on things that we have loved so much & that are now just taking up space. 5% of me was weepy and holding tiny little baby socks to my heart.
  • I am sort of running again. Not like I used to or wish to (no racing this fall, which absolutely devastates me if I think about it!) but this week I was able to do three 4-mile runs, one of them on trails(!!!!), and I was able to walk around afterwards and not be hobbling and miserable and up all night with the pain. Who knew that plantar fasciitis could be such a nightmare?! It's been almost three months and while I'm getting better, it sure is a slow process. Tonight I finally hit the point where the pain eased out and I actually felt better when I was sprinting (typically one of the symptoms is that the pain picks up when I go faster) and oh, it was so glorious to do some speedwork!!!
  • I spent pretty much all my available free time this week working at my quote-unquote "real job." I do not like working like that. Just for the record. My eyes were aching today and I hated the fact that the kids were outside having fun with Neil and I was stuck inside editing (this week is my biggest grading week of the semester and I had a private editing project I'd contracted to finish next week and I wanted to get it out of the way. I'm not good at that a thing? Basically I'm miserable and mopey and no good to anyone if there is something I need to do hanging over my head, which is why on grading weeks I have to limit myself to a certain number of papers per day so that I can mentally check out when I'm done).
  • I've been abnormally tired lately. I've been totally off antidepressants for a couple of months now and I feel like my emotions are leveled out again, which is wondrous and amazing, but I wish that the fatigue had gone with them. Probably the result of lying awake at night worrying about things I can't control. 
  • This weekend one of my goals was to bake a pumpkin bundt cake because it felt appropriate for fall (Neil has been mulling cider all the time and the cider smell just needed a pumpkin accompaniment). So I made this cake  and it was just as enticing as it promised to be! I also realized that when I am overwhelmed (grading) I tend to bake a lot. Since Tuesday I've made pumpkin muffins, whole-wheat bread, banana bread, and sourdough bread. Plus that cake. 
  • Speaking of being overwhelmed, earlier this week my kids had the stomach flu--the really bad kind where you are all kinds of sick. I realized during that whole debacle that I've never had a toddler before who was sick like that, and it made me very very grateful for all the times my sick kids have been old enough to tell me what's going on in time to get something there to catch it. And also I am SO GRATEFUL for my Bissell cleaner, and I am sort-of-but-not-really sorry about taking pictures of everything and emailing them to Neil all day long. Just felt like somebody should be applauding my valiant efforts, ya know?
  • Aaannnd my email just dinged and I have those last two things to grade that I've been waiting for, so this is me, over and out.

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