Sunday, November 16, 2014

Halloween 2014

Now that my kids are outside having a snowball fight, I think it might be time to finally put up some Halloween photos! Appropriate, since it snowed on Halloween. Notice that everyone is looking a little bulky since their costumes are over their parkas!

Life has been so busy lately that I haven't been taking many photos, and Halloween was no exception. Thank heavens my sister texted me requesting photos of the kids, because I wouldn't have taken any otherwise! So without further ado, behold the fuzzy iPad photos of our Halloween.

Abigail was really adamant about going as Emperor Palpatine, because "villians are underrepresented." Hah--I love that kid! We were both pretty satisfied with how her makeup turned out.

Jules made a sweet little witch, while Isaac went as a "really scary dragon ARRRRR!" He asked me to paint his face as well, since we had a ton of leftover makeup from Abigail, and so every single one of us had red patches all over our clothes from every time we bumped into Isaac during the course of the night.

Continuing the makeup trend, Luke asked for a beard to go with his knight costume. This might have been my favorite this year--every time I looked at him I chuckled. He was so adorable!


And it was Nathan's turn to go as the purple dragon! He was such a doll.

Neil had an elaborate plan to go as a pumpkin-headed scarecrow; he rigged up some glowing eyes and managed to unintentionally terrify every small child he passed. He was probably the most comfortable of all of us, since his pumpkin helmet kept out the cold and snow!

 Nathan was SO thrilled to ride around in the stroller eating candy--he would occasionally get out when he felt the need to replenish his stash.

The girls and I went to a few more houses after Neil took the boys home. When we got back Neil had a roaring fire going and Tot was sitting in the middle of a giant pile of candy; the girls dumped their loot out and Nathan's eyes absolutely lit up and he ran over and lay down in the middle of the candy and started yelling, "Mine! Mine! Mine!" which was the first time we'd ever heard him say that word. Pretty darn cute little kid.

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