Friday, December 19, 2014


Time for a photo dump from the last couple of months!

We picked up some $2 costumes after Halloween and Luke has worn this Batman outfit almost nonstop. So much so that one day we were dropping something off at the elementary school and the principal stopped and said to Luke, "Wow, I almost didn't recognize you without your Batman costume!"

We celebrated Neil's birthday the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

 As always when his birthday is not actually ON Thanksgiving, we had "Fakesgiving" dinner. (Like that half-eaten roll? You're welcome.)

Luke, Natie and I went to see Isaac's Thanksgiving play one afternoon. He was darling!

I snapped this photo of Luke playing a very involved game with his dinosaurs. I LOVE his imagination; he reminds me so much of Abigail at this age.

A few Luke-centric FB status updates:

1) In the last ten minutes Luke has patiently explained to me the difference between a clonetrooper and a stormtrooper and then tried to teach me all the lyrics to Pink Floyd's "Time."2) Reading a story to Luke this morning where a raccoon opens a Christmas present to find a cute girl raccoon inside, obviously a lady friend. Before I can read the accompanying text Luke says excitedly, "Oh Mommy...look at his wonderful present...a sister!!" ‪#‎lovethatkid‬
3) Luke: "Hey Rachael, I have a question..."
Me: "Rachael? Try Mommy."
Luke: "But I'm Batman, and I have no parents. I'm alone in the world (turns his chin and stares soberly into the middle distance) all superheroes. That's what makes us great."
Me: ...

Isaac discovered that he could cross his eyes. Which means that most of our photos from the last couple of months look something like this...

Love this little face.

And this one--he fell asleep in the car and kept on sleeping. Couldn't resist.

Home from church with a sick little Natie...

Playing games with the three biggies one night after Luke & Natie were in bed; I looked over at Isaac and was chuckling over the way he'd carefully organized his M&Ms.

More Luke--can't get enough of his darling little face.

Natie trying on Neil's ski helmet & goggles

 These two loooooove helping out in the kitchen; this particular time we were making cranberry bread for some friends.

Again, lots and lots of Batman all the time!!

Waiting for blankies to come out of the washer...

Isaac really, really, really wanted me to draw Han Solo on his trick-or-treating bag. So I tried.

Hand embroidery that I did when I was in Utah with my sisters. I love this kind of project; so soothing!

An outtake from pumpkin-carving; Natie was having a blast running around the yard throwing pumpkin innards to the chickens.

Another darling face that I love!

Our traditional Halloween scones (the Western fried-dough kind, not the baked English variety.)

One night before Halloween we made some caramel corn and watched the old Legend of Sleepy Hollow (such a classic!) Natie somehow wound up as Popcorn King and said, "HEY!" in this tiny, squeaky voice whenever someone took more popcorn.

First night with the Christmas tree...

For Neil's birthday, I bought him new skis and boots. He decided that he would remount his own bindings (on racing plates--he wasn't drilling directly into the ski) rather than have a ski shop do it. Why am I not remotely surprised?

Multi-colored "gingerbread" houses made by the kiddos. They look like something out of Dr. Seuss, don't they?

A few weeks ago we went to the Children's Museum to ride the Yule Slide.

I always love how festive it feels!

Abs and Luke zipping down the slide

My three boys watching the trains...

Not exactly sure what Neil is doing here...pretending to be a panda?

So in the new Playscape, older kids are only allowed in if they have a younger sibling whom they are helping. The attendants give out "helper" IDs to the older kids--Abigail took this SUPER seriously.

And a lunch date with Abigail a few weeks ago after her orthodontist appointment. For some reason her wicked chopstick abilities just sort of gave me one of those "oh my gosh she is growing up so fast" punches to the gut--you know where you're just zipping along and then suddenly it's like you're emotionally gasping for air? The days are long but the years are short.

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Dani said...

One of the things I miss the most about Indiana is the awesome Children's Museum. It seriously makes every other children's museum look super lame.
I can't believe how big your kiddos are getting! Adorable!

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