Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 10th

1) Piano lesson for the girls today and for once I didn't have any laptop work to do--so I just got to sit there and read the whole time! Yippee!

2) Ran all of the errands that have been nagging away at the back of my mind (bank, grocery store, library). Just little things but so freeing once I was finished with them...for this week, anyway! And I was able to completely reconstruct my grocery list from memory when I realized I'd left it on top of the dryer at home (which is really saying something because it was a very complicated list that included all of the things we were out of at home, plus all of the meal ingredients for the week, plus all of the stuff I need to host book group/do treats for class parties/valentines for class parties/kindergarten snacks for Isaaac's class for the whole week).

3) We finally got all of the K'nex cleaned up because Isaac finished his latest project and agreed to disassemble it, which is awesome because a) Abigail and Isaac's room is sparkling clean & vacuumed b) the K'nex are all locked up in their bin instead of hiding around the house to nab unsuspecting bare feet and c) I don't have to listen to Abigail complaining about running into the roller coaster in the middle of the night and Isaac complaining about Abigail breaking his roller coaster when she runs into it in the middle of the night. Tomorrow I am rearranging the furniture in that room to accommodate my little builder (as I type this I can see his rolling ball machine out of the corner of my eye--he cannot build in two rooms simultaneously!!).

4) I made one of my favorite dinners tonight--mushroom & chile carbonara. It's one that Neil and I used to make a lot when we were at BYU, but it doesn't make an appearance as frequently with only one mushroom-loving kiddo (Luke was in heaven!). And it's soooo easy...saute a pound of mushrooms in butter with a few cloves of garlic and a pinch of chile flakes while you cook 10 oz of thin spaghetti. Beat two eggs together with 1 1/4 c. cream, a pinch of salt, and 1/2 t. basil, then turn the cooked spaghetti into the mushroom mixture and add the cream/eggs. Heat gently until it thickens (don't boil!), and then top with 3-4 chopped tomatoes (and fresh basil if it's summer). Then we add fresh Parmesan. It's totally not a calorie-counting dinner, but it is ohhhh so good! (We love this paired with a green salad, but tonight I didn't have time so we just ate raw veggies with hummus and some more of those yummy clementines.)

5) And on that note, I have time tonight to do a long run so I'm off to the treadmill. Yippee! (I'm trying to convince myself that I'm excited instead of just wanting to go to bed.) :-)

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