Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 15

1) My cute boys curled up together after church in their matching bow ties from Elise & Paxton's wedding, Isaac is reading SO well now and Luke is taking full advantage. :-)

2) I taught a lesson somewhat last-minute in church today and as always walked out thinking how grateful I am for stellar class participation! It makes all the difference and I am so glad to live in a ward where we have such thoughtful, compassionate, Christ-centered ward members (one kind of funny thing from today is that there's a guy in our ward now that I went to BYU with back in the day--we started out taking a two-semester physics class together our freshman year, then he went on his mission, and then when he came back and took the second half of the class I was now the TA. So when he answered a question today in class my brain just automatically rocketed us back ten years to TA sessions and I wrote his answer up on the board using some physics shorthand before I realized what I was doing--hah!)

3) I tweaked something in my back yesterday and totally did not sleep well last night at all--I was in a lot of pain earlier today and had trouble standing/sitting/etc. because my lower back was just this mass of pain. Neil gave me an awesome back rub when we got home from church and then told me to go to sleep. I slept for the next three hours and woke up when Jules came in to tell me dinner was ready--an awesome sweet & sour pork dish that Neil had made with the kids. Neil makes dinner most Sundays and I love it!

4) It's 6:44 PM as I type this and the dishwasher is running, the kitchen is beautifully clean after dinner, everything is picked up and vacuumed, lunches are packed for tomorrow, and the older kids are all changed into their pajamas and playing quietly with Legos. All of this is possible because Neil took Nathan when he went hometeaching. :-)

5) Natie lost one of my contacts a few months (okay like four) ago and I still haven't gotten around to replacing it--occasionally I wear a really old scratched-up one that makes my eye hurt but mostly I wear my glasses. I don't really love wearing glasses because I feel sort of frumpy in them (I think everyone else looks stylish and classy in theirs but I never feel that way) and so today I decided to just wear my contacts because I was tired of feeling frumpy and little tender mercy, I was able to wear them all day without my eye going ballistic and tearing up. Nothing big but something that made today nice.

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