Monday, February 09, 2015

February 9th

Jars in my kitchen--photo credit goes to Jessica Bateman 
1) I had a nice chat today with the guy who came to set up our new internet service (which hopefully will be rapid enough to allow Neil to work from home in the evenings--which would be AWESOME!). He looked up at the jars lining the tops of my cabinets, asked if I was Mormon, and then told me about his Mormon father-in-law. We ended up having a really nice chat about the church and I wrote down the info for him about the upcoming public open house for the Indianapolis temple. (Short version: if you've ever been curious about what the inside of a Latter-day Saint temple looks like, this is your chance to check it out! The temple will be open to the public for three weeks after its completion and before its dedication, after which it will be open only to recommend-holding members of the LDS church. I am SO excited for my kiddos to get the chance to tour the temple!!)

2) I had eleven holds come in at the library--I somehow managed to read three of them before going to bed (I stayed up until one! Yikes!). Lately I've been reading a lot about life for women in the Middle East & the Salem witch trials, so they are total page-turners (I love the kind of books, both fiction and nonfiction, where I end up doing exhaustive research afterwards to dig out the real facts, and then I read everything I can get my hands on to compare the different perspectives. Kind of a weird approach, I know, but I love it (and it's why I know a ridiculous amount about the Tudor period). So, for instance, I read this, this, and this).

3) On the books note, I am perpetually see-sawing between reading what I want to read and pre-reading stuff for the girls before I let them read it (man oh man can that eat up a ton of my reading time!!)--my current favorite author for them is Jessica Day George. I whipped through her Princess of Glass yesterday and passed it on to Abigail knowing that she would be just as enthralled as I was! I love talking books with the girls; I've always really loved YA fiction and it's so fun to read it with them.

4) I deep-cleaned my 'fridge. It took an inordinate amount of time, but I am loving the little spurt of joy and satisfaction I get every time I open it up and see those gleaming glass shelves!

5) Had a really good conversation with my department head about a stressful situation that left me feeling very reassured and like he was 100% on my team. So grateful to work with such a supportive department chair!!


Crapos said...

Hey! I know Jessica George. She is my sister-in-law's sister-in-law. :) Her Dragon Slipper books are fun - have you read those yet?
And I am not at all good at pre-reading the kids' books. Sadie brings home so many from school (most of which I never even see because she's finished them before they make it home) that I would never be able to do it. It seems like I have absolutely zero time for reading these days. I am not one of those moms that have five kids and figure out how to make it work. We're drowning and counting down the days to when they all reach at least five years old.

Rachael said...

Oh, how fun!! Yes, my girls LOVE the Dragon Slipper books, as well as the Tuesdays in the Castle series (we just got the third one last night and they are in heaven!).

I definitely don't get the chance to pre-read everything, but I try to give it a good shot. Like you said, so hard to find the time! Hang in there--most days I feel like I'm drowning too.

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