Sunday, February 08, 2015

Five for February*

As I am wont to do this time of year...(and better late than never, right?)

1) We spent two days skiing with the girls. Sheer bliss. I'll blog about it later, but it's still making me smile today so I'm counting it.
2) Today was my dear mother's birthday and I got to spend part of it with her. I felt so lucky to sit between my mother and grandmother in church today...
3)...holding a sleeping Luke. He used to nap in my arms constantly as a baby and toddler, but now those days are few and far between. He was all worn out from playing in the snow with his grandpa this weekend and just conked out on my lap for an hour. Heavenly for me.
4) Not quite as heavenly, but still something I am grateful for...I spent last night holding Nathan. All night. He howled inconsolably every time I tried to put him down (I would cry too if my parents disappeared during my nap one day, didn't appear again for two days, and then randomly showed up in the middle of the night and tried to sneak quietly into bed without paying attention to me!). I finally sent Neil to go find another bed (we were at my parents' house) and spent the night holding Nate in our bed. Every so often he would reach up his little hand and pat my face or run his hands through my hair while saying, "Mommy mommy mine mommy." It was a loooong night but I still pressed plenty of kisses onto that fluffy little head nestled against my shoulder.
5) We have a bowl of really amazing clementines right now. Mmmm...yummy citrus is one of the best things about winter!!

*curious about what five for February is all about? Explanation here. 

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