Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

1) This picture is a couple of weeks old, but tonight I made challah bread again in response to Juliet's pleas--I really enjoy making it because the finished product is so beautiful (yesterday, however, our house was cold enough that the dough wasn't super stretchy, so I experimentally tried braiding only one loaf and then rolling the other like a baguette. It split open during cooking and was basically 8 inches across, so...braid it). I like this recipe and I sub in a couple of cups of WW flour for the white (I've discovered that you can't go much past that because the WW dough just isn't stretchy enough and doesn't roll up well). This is a good tutorial for the braiding part.
2) As Neil and I were lounging in bed this morning discussing our plans for the day (Valentine's Day on Saturday = sleeping in until 8!! Thanks, Natie!) the older four came in with these signs:

3) After we did all our Saturday chores, we left our sparkling-clean house and went to the library, where we checked out 106 books and Nathan screamed hysterically when the ceiling sculpture turned on. Hmm, this is a fun phase...

4) After we put the kids to bed, I kissed Neil goodbye as he headed out to work and thought mournfully about spending Valentine's alone by myself while he was at the lab. I curled up with his WWI history and busied myself with feeling glum while I read about troop movements, and then I heard the garage door going up and was like...what? Did he forget his laptop? And in came my dear husband with a gorgeous potted lily (I told him earlier in the week that I'd already bought myself flowers so he was off the hook, but he knows how much I love plantable gifts!) and told me that he'd been planning all day to spend the evening together and just told me he was going to work because he hadn't had a chance to get flowers the day before. Sneaky sneaky.

5) So we spent the evening curled up together on the couch in front of the fire reading our respective books and just enjoying some quiet time together. Good times.

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