Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spring at last!

What a joy it was to get outside today and work in the sunshine after so many long months of winter! It seemed like we were out there every possible minute soaking up that glorious light and heat. We repaired fences that had broken under the weight of snow and ice, dug up the garden and sowed lettuce seeds into that rich black dirt, and freshened things up for the chickens (man oh man did the kids love this! Isaac was at a birthday party so he didn't participate in the straw-strewing, but the other kids were in heaven).

I gleaned so much satisfaction from pounding in nails and digging around in my garden and even power-washing my patio until it was pristine and ready to go for al fresco meals! Oh friends, it was glorious. And the kids spent hours on their bikes today--when they got out of the shower before dinner they were practically falling asleep in their plates thanks to all that exercise!

But fortunately they managed to eat up (this delicious brussels sprouts dish that I made up on the fly, plus everyone's favorite soup and homemade whole-wheat bread) before they tumbled into their clean sheets and clean jammies and slipped away into dreamland. It was a lovely day (and now for the 8 loads of laundry I managed to run during the day but only folded 3!). Looking forward to some time with Hulu while Neil finishes his 7-mile run (I did mine earlier this week; one more week solo and then we'll start doing our long runs together...I didn't anticipate when I was making babysitter arrangements that we'd be able to run outside this early!!). 

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Elise Gray said...

wow, those brussel sprouts look delicious

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