Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Still here

Most days I feel like I've given up on blogging, but occasionally I don't, and apparently this is one of those days.

I was thinking yesterday that poor Nathan doesn't have much record of his life and Nathan, if you want to know why, it is because YOU WERE CRAZY and you had not one self-preservational bone in your body and I sure hope you've grown out of it by the time you're old enough to read this. Pretty much all of my free time these days goes to frantically trying to keep you safe and putting out fires (literally--last week you figured out how to light the gas fireplace and it's only by the grace of God that we escaped unsinged).

 At 23 months, Nate, these are your favorite things to do: lie on the cat, pull the cat's tail, lie on top of Luke, sit on Luke's head, break Isaac's constructions, follow Juliet around begging for her to read to you, climb to the top of Abigail's bunk bed and jump up and down, eat toothpaste, eat chapstick, hide everyone's toothbrush, put all the toilet paper you can find into the toilet and flush vigorously, carefully pour milk over the kitchen windows, turn on every faucet in the house, sit on Luke, wreck Luke's traintracks/Magnatiles creations/Little People towns, run away at the library, and basically do all of the two-year-old stuff that none of your siblings actually did so your parents were completely unprepared when you acted like a normal two-year-old. Thanks for making sure we didn't miss out on that one.
 Good thing you're so darn cute, even with the juice of a dozen strawberries all over your clothes and face. And it's a good thing that your sisters think you're the cutest thing in the world so that they're motivated to protect you from wrathful brothers whose Lincoln Log house has just been destroyed for the millionth time...

 has been so busy. I don't know if it's just because I have five kids, or because of Neil's schedule, or because of my work schedule, or because of the THOUSANDS OF HOURS of homework the girls seem to have lately (seriously, folks, I don't remember having homework in elementary school, much less multiple hours every night). There definitely are never enough hours in the day these days, and I'm really looking forward to summer break and actually having some down time with the kiddos instead of trying to help three of them with homework while I simultaneously keep Luke and Nathan from killing each other and cook dinner (which is why today we had takeout pizza, thank you very much...I literally had not eaten all day because it was just so, so, so hectic, and the three oldest had swimming lessons and I needed to get them to their lessons and then take the youngest two over to the church with me so I could help teach the Activity Days girls). One of my friends told me once that things change so much when all your kids are in school, and the days are so slow-paced and then the afternoons/evenings are frantic activity. I'm starting to see that happening and I think what is going on? My kids aren't even that old and they aren't doing the gazillion activities that all their classmates seem to do!! This is already crazy town!

But anyway. I guess I don't have much to say other than we are busy busy busy and I just keep on hoping that someday I will feel like I'm all caught up on everything for longer than 5 minutes. And I wish I could recapture some of the energy and vitality and confidence I had in my twenties when I thought I had it all figured out and felt like I was doing an awesome job on everything--the older I get (and the older my kids get!) the more I realize that I'm just touching the tip of the figuring-life-out iceberg.

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Jolena said...

Reading this makes me tired. We are just at the tip of the iceberg of the starting school phase of life and I want to enjoy this phase instead of wishing we can just get to school and what that will bring. When you have a jillion kids at home it is easy to think it will be easier when they're in school, but I think that might be wishful thinking. Isn't it exciting how kids seem tailor made to help us lose all our youthful confidence? Maybe it is the Lord's way of helping us discover our humility and seek for his help more, because I certainly don't feel as on top of things and confident in my abilities to succeed as I did before I had kids, or even just had little babies. The older they get the more it is like what have I gotten myself into? How the heck am I supposed to actually have success in this parenting endeavor and will I ever even know if I have been? Woo! Hang in there. Keep up the good fight. That's the best you can do.

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