Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Abigail is 10 years old!

I have lots more photos that I'd love to put up, but I'm blogging during the girls' piano lessons (Abigail is borrowing the pen that I'd planned to use to write a grocery list), so I'm pulling the photo from Facebook that I posted yesterday rather than the gazillion on my iPad.

It's mind-boggling for me to realize that my first little baby is now a decade old. I've done a lot of reminiscing the last few days about those first few days with my precious baby and remembering her at all different stages and phases. I think it's especially poignant for me to think about this as we're closing the door on the baby stage in our family and focusing on raising our family rather than growing our family. This is the first spring in ten years where I haven't had either a newborn or a year-old baby, and it's wonderful but very different.
I've seen so much growth in Abigail over the last year. She has had a very, very, very difficult year in school, and she has come through it with so much grace and resilience, and keeps on going long after I am sitting there fuming at the latest concern about her classroom environment--she sighs, tells me it's super hard, and then gets back to work (and man oh man, has she worked her little tail off this year! She's had three hours of homework just about every night). While it's been an awful year, she has learned so many good and valuable skills about dedication, hard work, and perseverance that will serve her well for the rest of her life (however, Neil & I feel like she's done learning those skills from this particular teacher, and she's moving to a new elementary school next year instead of continuing for the second year in the two-year sequence with this teacher--can you tell that this is the extremely condensed version of this giant drama?!) Anyway, she has worked so hard this year, and I am super proud of her, but also really excited for her new teacher!

Abigail is like my right hand these days. Nathan absolutely adores her and she is always so kind and loving with him; it's no wonder that his face totally lights up when she walks into the room! She is turning into a wonderful little cook and turns out all kinds of delectable concoctions; I love it when it's her week to help out with dinner, and she is always adding little things to my grocery list so that she can make a particular recipe that she's found. She is still passionate about her cheese (remember that little first-grader who insisted on taking double-creme Brie for lunch?!) and one of her birthday wishes was to go to her favorite cheese shop and pick out four varieties for her birthday dinner (she settled on a delectable herb-wrapped Brie, mango-studded Stilton, a sharp Maytag Blue, and a mellow & creamy pumpkin Gouda). She is an absolute delight and I love her dry sense of humor (and she definitely inherited her mother's habit of ironic inflections!) and funny little jokes; she is constantly entertaining the other kids with the latest joke she's made up (my favorite last week: Neil was explaining the Scooby Doo cartoon premise, since Abigail had come across a reference to the show and was wondering what it was, and then she said--totally deadpan--"What do you call a dog who's excellent at both swimming and solving crimes?" and then said, "Scuba Doo!").

It's crazy to realize that we are only eight years from this kiddo heading to college, but I'm definitely seeing the writing on the wall--this year she asked for clothes for her birthday, and we've been fielding questions for a loooong time about how long she has to wait until she can buy an iPod or other electronic device. I'm so grateful for the last ten years I've had with my darling, witty, kind-hearted, and beautiful girl, and looking forward to many many more. 

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Neil said...

I can't believe she's 10.

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