Thursday, April 09, 2015

Bits and bobs

I hate catch-up blogging. I really do! My favorite kind of blogging is the kind that happens every day, where I'm recording the funny or interesting or dismal or transcendent things that happened that day. It's a much better journal because I can really see the change over time. With catch-up blogging, I feel like I'm just blogging events that don't really change that much in their overall scope. Every year we have birthdays, Christmas, spring break, etc., and they mostly follow the same pattern, but it's the day-to-day stuff that is most interesting to me.
With that said, I'm a terrible daily blogger lately. So terrible, in fact, that when I downloaded some photos from Facebook tonight (yes, this is one of those recycled photo posts) that I realized that it's April and I haven't even made monthly folders for my photos. I always organize them by year and then by month--I have 2015 but that's it. We still haven't replaced that camera that's somewhere in a snowbank in Aspen; any photos are being taken on my iPad and then posted to Facebook with some little caption because that's so much easier than blogging. But here I am anyway with some old photos that you've probably already seen if we're Facebook friends but I still like them so here they are.

The day Luke wore this costume, he told me he was half skier, half princess, and half nothing. 
The other reason that blogging has been hard for me lately is that I just don't feel like there's much that's interesting in my life right now. We're still in the exact same place doing the exact same things. No new babies, no graduation, no new job or house or renovations or projects. I made strawberry jam last weekend, just like I've done in spring for the last nine years. I'm training for a half-marathon, just like I've done over and over again. I'm working more than I'd like to and worrying about the children and wondering what I can do to help Neil graduate. Winter is over. Spring is coming. And I'm hoping desperately that it lifts me out of my ongoing funk.

A few weeks ago the children were on spring break. We stuck pretty close to home most of the time--we went to the library one day and met some friends at the local children's museum another day, but one day we ventured further afield and went to the zoo with Neil. It was SO wonderful to be outside--it was one of the first warm(ish) days that we'd had in forever (it snowed the next day but boy did we enjoy our time in the sunlight while we had it!)

Another day I made strawberry pies--my very favorite recipe here. Soooo good.

And lots of friend time over the break--one day all of the kiddos made this giant fort city out of the living room. This was about halfway through.

Homemade playdough one morning...

...and a grumpy monkey the next.

A rainy afternoon playing with Isaac while the two little boys took naps (simultaneously! Hasn't happened in ages! Sweet manna from heaven!).

My old blender finally gave up the ghost and shattered catastrophically, so I no longer had a valid excuse not to take the plunge I'd been debating for the last two years. And you guys--I am SO in love. We've had it for less than three weeks and I've already made 59 smoothies (it has a counter). I love love love the fact that everything gets perfectly pulverized; I have been drinking regular green smoothies for years and it is soooo nice not to fish bits of spinach or chunks of blueberry out of my teeth or the sippy spout of Nathan's cup! I didn't think I would feel so passionately about it but I totally do. :-) (Plus Abigail is now obsessed with making us smoothies all the time which is pretty awesome. The only downside is that I discovered I have a kiwi allergy, which is a total bummer. I probably wouldn't have noticed without making a 3-kiwi smoothie one day that made my tongue go completely numb for 4 hours.)

Oh man have Luke and I been knocking heads lately...I keep asking him when "sweet Luke" is going to come for a visit--you know, the one that doesn't lie on the floor screaming when his slightest wish is defied? And he scrunches up his face and glares at me and says, "MOM I AM YOUR SWEET LUKE!" and then I kiss him and say, yes, you are Luke, but can you be the happy version of Luke? You know, the one who's not sitting on your brother and calmly looking at a book while he screams his head off?

So I love this photo. Happy Luke! Not screaming-at-me-and-throwing-things-Luke. Please tell me I'm not the only one who has a hard time with four-year-olds. 

And last but not least, some new little chickies to add to our flock. Abigail has been begging for bantam hens ever since we saw how tiny and dainty and adorable they were last year. She is in total heaven right now and has spent a great deal of time cooing over them in their little bathtub home (we will begin integrating them with the older hens in another couple of weeks).

Meet Eleanor...

 ...and Rosemary. (Yes, I was totally sitting on the edge of the tub holding a chick and rereading Animal Vegetable Miracle...I couldn't remember if they had any bantams.) :-)

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Jolena said...

I always like your posts, whether they're catch up posts or not. I started just putting a to do list item on my list weekly to blog and whatever happens to be top of mind that day is what gets written about. That's made it more of a journal for me too. I journal at the same on another private site and that usually ends up being like one paragraph. Better than nothing, right?! And 4-year olds. What is it with them and the lack of sensitivity towards younger sibling screaming? 2 and 3 were so rough with Spencer that 4 has seemed pretty heavenly, but the number of times he willfully swipes something out of Genevieve's, and I'm sure soon to be Aaron's, hands and runs down the hallway to play with it while they scream bloody murder in the background is really ridiculous. Spencer's new thing is he feels ownership over certain things that are not his and wants to control how others play with them. Most particularly Genevieve's bike and tea set. What the heck?! He spends a goodly amount of time in his room while she rides her bike or plays tea. Crazy kids! I gather they get better over time, but I haven't seen it yet. lol

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