Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nathan is two years old!!

Wow, these birthdays are actually making me blog with some regularity! And we're guaranteed another post in the next couple of weeks when Luke turns four. :-) And I actually have some time tonight so we'll get more details than on the last one, mostly because I feel guilty about the lack of documentation of Nathan's second year of life...

So we've made it through two years with our fiery little Nathan, and boy oh boy does he keep things exciting around here! He is lightning fast, can get into just about anything, and constantly amazes us by figuring out something or doing something that our other four kids never did. I sort of thought by child #5 that we'd have a handle on this, but HAHA NO.

Which is to say that I love this kid to pieces, but he is not an easy child. I don't know how much of it is Nathan and how much of it is Luke, but they fight constantly (not the arguing kind of fight, but the kicking/punching/biting/scratching kind, and I am completely clueless on how to stop this, since I've never dealt with it before so PLEASE give me advice if you have any!!)--they do not get along the tiniest little bit, and just about every morning I cry thinking about getting through another day of refereeing (let's be honest, I've been thinking about starting antidepressants again, so I don't think it's just them). But for posterity's sake, I will say this: Nathan is simultaneously delightful and difficult. He loves to snuggle but I never know when his cuddling down against my shoulder is going to end up with a ferocious bite to the neck, which kind of encapsulates life with Nate--enjoy the moment, but stay on your guard!

Nathan is still really struggling with eating/weight issues (he weighs 24.5 lbs at age 2, although he's quite tall), and one thing that I've found helps him to eat is if he prepares his own food. So he's gotten quite good at "pushing eggies," and will emphatically tell me he "wansa eggies" and start getting out the pan and the eggs himself. (Not coincidentally, he is one two-year-old who definitely gets the concept of "hot!")

 This photo is not actually from his birthday; it's just that he was so excited about candles that I thought maybe it might entice him to eat a carrot muffin for his snack. It didn't work, by the way. He just sang "habby bir-day" and blew it out, then walked away.

This picture perfectly encapsulates life with Nathan--building something and then running away from it at the speed of light (probably to turn around and kick it on the return lap) and every piece of clothing that he can take off is gone. I honestly could not count the number of times I put pants and socks on this kid every day, but he is soooo obsessed with taking them off. Two days ago I saw Neil changing him for bed, and then less than a minute later I saw Neil walking in one direction and a naked Nathan running in the other, and I was like, hey, are you going to finish getting him ready for bed? and Neil was like, I totally did, and then I rounded the corner and saw that Nathan had peeled out of his sleeper and diaper in the time that it took Neil to walk to the trash can to toss the old diaper.

Nathan's favorite thing in the entire world is "go ahside." He LOVES playing in the backyard with Abigail and Juliet (he adores them just as much as he picks on Luke) and will often bring them his shoes and say, "Ab-ee-dal, Doo-what, go ahside?" And since they adore him and are two little mother hens, they always comply and take him out to go play on the swings or the slide or to chase the chickies (or as Natie calls them "bok-boks and deek-deeks" [bok-boks are the older chickens, deek-deeks are the baby chicks]).

Some wonderful little things about Nathan to round out this post: he is sleeping in his big-boy bed and has done an absolutely terrific job at the transition, he calls animals by their sounds which I think is just darling (I especially love it when he talks about pigs), he is completely obsessed with semi trucks and yells "TRUCKS ROLL" whenever he sees one (thanks to this book which we read about five times a day), an obsession only slightly greater than his passion for "ex-cah-way-ders" (excavators), he is super ticklish and starts laughing when your tickling fingers are a good foot away from his tummy, he loves "smoofies" (smoothies) and tries to cover his ears whenever the blender turns out, but always misses and just puts his hands behind his head, he loves to sit in my lap for stories, especially if he has his "mee-mee" (blankie, which is a trellis-patterned black and white blanket which I bought for our living room couch and he immediately appropriated), he makes the BEST surprised face ever, and he gets super super super excited whenever I say, "Time to go get the kids from school!" and he runs to the door and starts hopping up and down chanting the big kids' names.

And he still loves to cuddle with me when he wakes up in the night. Out of all my kids, he is the only one that I've ever been able to sleep with and actually go to sleep myself. He's had a rough week with a stomach bug and on the third night in a row where I was up with him at 1 am and everyone else was asleep, I just brought him back to bed with me and the two of us slept curled up together for the next four hours (until Nathan wiggled around and put his foot in Neil's mouth and then Neil banished him back to his own bed).

Happy birthday, Nater-tot!

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Neil said...

Gotta love the Honeybadger. Even when it's not easy.

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