Sunday, May 03, 2015

Springtime in the woods

Spring! Glorious, glorious spring. We've had beautiful weather here the last couple of days, so we did a family hike yesterday morning and another one tonight after dinner. I can't get over the colors these days--I didn't touch up these photos at all (hah, I never do!) but they are so bright and vibrant.

 Much as I love hiking with the kids, I must confess some selfish motives too--I've found that hiking is the best way to shake out the aches and pains from running, so Saturday's hike took care of the grumpy hip flexors from Friday's 11-miler and tonight's hike got rid of the residual soreness from a finished-at-midnight 6-miler on Saturday. Man oh man is exercise the best or what?!

Luke has been a bit of a grump lately, so I just have to laugh at this face...oh, four-year-olds are so fun, right?

Every time we go on this particular little hike, Neil says (as soon as the kids are all under this overhang): "Man, one of these days that thing is just going to come crashing down."

Perfect place to throw rocks in the creek...

I love these two photos of Isaac and Abigail. Such darling little people, aren't they?

And today's hike--Tottie did not ride in the backpack once! He ran ahead of us on the trails whacking everything in sight with a stick. Oh my baby...

I was trying to get them to put their arms around each other so I could take a nice photo of them. Luke wouldn't get near Isaac because he was mad at Isaac because Isaac was no longer willing to carry Luke's giant piece of bark that he had carried for the last quarter-mile. Life's hard like that.

Luke finally told me that he wasn't walking anymore unless I took a picture with him. So we did. Check out that sweet bump on the bridge of my nose--it's thanks to Neil's watch whacking my face when we were both in a small space putting stuff up on shelves. I'm really hoping it's not permanent.

My peeps. Guess which one was way ahead, had to be called back, and didn't want to come. Really, go ahead and guess.

Tot's first experience with blowing dandelion seeds--kind of a life-changer.

Can you spot Jules and Isaac?

Abigail is so, so, so sweet with Natie. So darling. I love watching these two together. He was running around under a tree and lost sight of her and was like, "Ab-ee-dal! Where go? Nay-nee find you!"

And Jules with a bouquet she'd picked for me. Lovely lovely day!

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Kayli said...

Hey I recognize that place! I know just where you were. :)

Sometimes Abigail really looks like your mom to me.

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