Saturday, July 11, 2015

by the numbers

100: pounds of peaches we processed this morning
3: playgrounds we visited this week
2: number of times it started pouring rain at the playground
34: miles I ran this week
8: miles with Luke in the bike seat on our "date" while he told me all about his favorite rides at Dollywood
100,000 (give or take a few): number of K'nex on the floor in Isaac's room right is construction time again! (My rule is that there has to be a clear path from beds to the door, and it has to be vacuumable twice a week.)
2: number of chickens that have disappeared (the baby bantams).
inestimable: number of tears shed over those bantams by Abigail
2: number of times we visited the "fireworks store" in 24 hours in preparation for the 4th of July (more about that later!)
3: days until my oldest boy is six
2: missing library books right now
6: number of times we've gone through all our shelves looking for those darn library books wondering who snuck them out of the library basket!
4: lengths of fabric I purchased this week to make Nathan a twin-sized quilt
12: episodes of Downton Abbey I watched this week while running on the treadmill (tweaked my knee so I'm staying off the (cambered) roads until it's better, since all our bike paths are still flooded)
2: cherry tomatoes on our sole surviving Sweet 100 plant. Unbelievable rain this year--there is still standing water all over our lawn and garden!
1: day it got above 70 degrees this week
8: pounds I have lost doing a health challenge for the last six weeks with my mom & sisters (apparently eating after 9 pm has been my Waterloo; good to know!).
38: pints of blueberries we bought on Thursday
0: high chairs in our kitchen (!!!!)

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