Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Eating a Frog: August Marathon Training Update

Another month down, which means I am only two months out from the race! Crazy how long this takes!

I ended August with 204 miles. Woo-hoo! It was so exciting to break 200!!! I actually missed my first run (5 miles recovery) last week--I drove from the NYC suburbs to southwest Michigan and there just wasn't time to fit in a run. This is the first run I've missed since December (when I had Influenza A) so I guess it's okay to take a day off every so often...right?

I feel like I am making HUGE gains here. I had a 10-mile run in NY last week that was a little scary, so I was running faster just because of adrenaline, and when I checked my mileage later (since my Garmin quit on me) I was running 8:52 miles when I meant to be running 10-minute miles, and 7-minute miles when I meant to be running 8:50 miles. Fun to see that I am strong enough to not even notice (also--thanks adrenaline from deserted trails with emergency call boxes!!); I ran the second half 5 minutes faster than the first, so that was great. I also ran about 30 seconds per mile faster than I'd intended for my 20-miler last week, which I also didn't know until the end, thanks to that darn Garmin, but I didn't feel it physically.

Aches & Pains:
Plantar fasciitis is doing much better & my knee is also getting stronger! The strength-training is helping a lot. I'm not usually sore for very long after my long runs--I notice it most in my hip flexors, but it's usually gone pretty quickly. I had an AMAZING 90-minute massage last week after my 20-miler that left me feeling so great!

After my eight-week challenge ended, I haven't been doing so hot at getting my fruits/veggies without any sugar! I'm restarting that today. Still taking iron, glucosamine, and using the chia water instead of gels. 

Affecting My Life: 
I feel like I'm getting more resilient with less fatigue. As always, sleep makes all the difference! I'm starting to notice, however, that I miss running just to run instead of training. Three double-digit runs a week is hard mentally--much more so than physically, especially when some of them are pretty darn long (like the 14 today!). Doing yoga and strength-training on my midweek rest day also leaves me feeling mentally like I'm not really getting a rest day (although I take Sundays completely off). I'm running more at night than I'd like to, but I just can't do a 3-hour run in the morning, get everyone off to school, and then be functional the rest of the day, so I am running once the kids go to bed (hello treadmill) so that I am present for my family the rest of the time. 

The fitness gains I've seen have really made me feel good about where I'm at training-wise. Two weeks ago I ran 19 miles instead of my planned 18 and did about 6.5 miles in the middle at unplanned marathon pace, since I was running with a local training group and ended up going with the faster group. I had done speedwork the day before and I was worried about doing marathon-pace miles that weren't even on my schedule, but it was great, which left me really feeling good about my training!

This week's plan:
Monday: 6 miles (recovery)
Tuesday: 14 miles
Wednesday: 6 miles (recovery)
Thursday: strength/yoga
Friday: 6 miles with 6 x 100 strides
Saturday: 16 miles with 12 at marathon pace
Total: 48 (cutback week, praise the heavens!)

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Meghan said...

Isn't it amazing how our bodies will respond to challenge? I'm so glad you're feeling stronger and that the injuries/pains you've had are diminishing. Glad you have such a healthy hobby, too!

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