Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Broken leg: the goodies and the baddies

So this is probably kind of a downer post, but I want to record it so I can be grateful once it's over. And I wanted to record both the goods and the bads (or goodies and baddies as we call them at dinner when we're all reporting on how our individual days went).

Baddies first so we can get them out of the way!

  • Any weight-bearing activity is painful. Not just exercise, but walking around my house.
  • A room with toys or books on the floor is terrifying. I can't lift my foot high enough to easily avoid things, my gait is different, and if I accidentally step on something it's guaranteed that I'll fall down.
  • I can't drive without intense pain and slowed reactions. I pick Juliet and Isaac up from school every day, since the bus no longer goes to our home, and fortunately our school is only a mile from our house and I don't have to get out of the car and walk to get them, so I just wear running shoes instead of the boot and then change back as soon as I get home. But it's absolutely not safe or possible to drive with the boot on, which means I am homebound unless Neil is around to drive me somewhere, and with all the kids, it's just easier to not go anywhere.
  • Sitting is very painful. Last Sunday the double-header of 3 hours of church and 3 hours driving home from Thanksgiving was almost unbearable. I was crying by the time we got home and I lay awake most of the night from pain; Monday was very hard, and now it's Wednesday and I'm still feeling it.
  • Everything takes me two or three times longer to do it, and the needs of my family have not slowed or changed. It's very exhausting, added to which I can't physically be on my feet all day without a ton of pain, but I still am because meals need to be made, children need to be cared for, dishes need to be washed, laundry needs to be done, etc., and there's a real limit to how much Neil and the older children can do when they're home. I try to sit down for an hour in the morning with the boys to read and another hour in the afternoon during naptime while I work on my laptop, but other than that I'm on my feet from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night--usually around midnight because I'm behind on so many things since I move so slowly. 
  • I am always in pain. I've been hurting nonstop since August, so it's not new for my right side, but my left side is getting pretty agonizing since it's having to compensate for the right side. My left knee is the worst--I can hear it creaking and popping when I move. 
  • I can't walk outside, go up and down stairs, or handle any uneven terrain. This means that I can't do something as simple as collect the eggs from the chickens (and I keep forgetting to ask Neil or one of the older kids to do it!). It also means--much more tragic to my mind--that I can't do many of our normal Christmas traditions, like visiting the candy-cane factory or spending a day at the Children's Museum.
And on to the goodies:
  • Neil, as always, is amazing. He doesn't complain at all about all of the extra things he is doing that I normally do, and he never reproaches me or comments on the fact that dinner is generally not ready when he gets home, or I call him in tears asking if he can come home a little earlier than usual, or the house is not exactly in its regular condition. 
  • I had been driving a friend's little boy home from preschool twice a week (Neil takes Luke in the morning). Now my friend is driving Luke home those two days and I only have to worry about getting him home on the third day--this helps so much!!
  • Not running has given me more free time. I've been able to read a lot more and taken on some extra editing work.
  • My doctor told me I could walk a couple of miles if I felt up to it. Turns out that was a HUGE mistake and I hurt soooo bad afterwards, but during the walk it was completely blissful and I got to spend an hour outside with Neil over the Thanksgiving break, which never happens and I reveled in every moment of it. 
  • My kids are really great about helping and understanding that I need them to pitch in even more than they normally do. Some do it without even being asked whereas some need a little prodding. 
  • Online shopping!! I can't even imagine trying to pull off Christmas shopping if I had to go to brick and mortar stores and the post office. It just would not happen. We are barely making it to the grocery store as it is!!
Right now my main worry is that I'm not healing well enough because I just haven't been able to rest, and that this pain is indicative of the healing process not going very well, especially since I've been wearing the boot for two weeks now and I go back for a checkup in two more. I think ideally I would be off my feet most of the day, whereas the reality is that if I sit down twice in a day, it's HUGE. I have started sitting down for breakfast/lunch though, which I never do, so that's something, right? 


Ruth said...

This sounds excruciatingly hard. I'm so sorry especially that you have to be home bound and can't rest as much as you need to. Can we please go to Meijer at Christmas and put you in an electric cart?? Even though you will probably be feeling better by then...that can be our daily activity...every day...

Tia said...

This sounds awful! Have you called your doctor? That level of pain doesn't sound normal or expected, so it's worth checking in for sure. Maybe crutches would be helpful?

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