Thursday, December 10, 2015

Florida, 16 months later

This morning Nathan brought me the photo CD from our underwater camera, which we took when we went to Florida last September. I realized that I had never uploaded those photos, so here they are--a bit of tropics for this cold December day. (I'm also super excited looking at these because we are returning next year--hip hip hurray!) 

Coral growing on a shipwreck we snorkeled over--we found that it was very hard to aim the underwater camera properly. :-)

Some of the gazillion hermit crabs we found when we swam out to Shell Island, off the coast of Panama City Beach--this was probably a 20-minute boat ride out and then we anchored in the shallows and swam in.

Dolphins--I took this from the boat just before Neil jumped in to swim with them. My kids still talk about this all the time--definitely one of the most exciting days of their lives!

Peering over the edge of the boat (that's the captain on the left) to watch Dad and Abigail swimming with the dolphins...we were never fast enough to get all of us in the water simultaneously before the dolphins went back under the boat.

And the rest from the pool of the home we rented--tons more of the dolphins underwater did not turn out! We'll definitely have to refine our underwater photography skills.

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