Monday, February 15, 2016


Last couple of days have been rocky, so I'll just combine my good things for both days.

1) Slogged out my eight miles on the treadmill today. We have a busy weekend so I had to get it done today--I had a hard time mentally but it's done and I don't have to dread it anymore! (Man oh man I can't wait to run outside again.) Yoga afterwards was much more pleasant since I got to do it with Isaac and Nathan!

2) The kids had no school today and played really well together all day. That was delightful.

3) Neil made some really amazing snickerdoodles yesterday for Valentine's Day with citric acid in place of cream of tartar. They tasted like pink lemonade and I highly recommend the substitution.

4) I made dinner today. Some days that's just a blip on the radar, some days it's a huge accomplishment. Today was a huge accomplishment day so it's going on my list. :-)

5) Isaac and I played Doodle Pro together today. It's so fun to have a special few minutes with him (especially nice since my one-on-one time with Juliet today was fighting about homework that she sooo did not want to do on President's Day, especially since I was making her work ahead in preparation for next week).

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