Saturday, February 27, 2016


Not as regular as I'd like with these, but I AM blogging more regularly! I need some good-things focus tonight after spending 90 minutes putting Nathan to bed (off and on...Neil and I switched off for awhile until he left for work half an hour ago). Man oh man that kid is driving me nuts right now...he hasn't taken a nap the last 3 days; he's woken up at least half a dozen times at night for five nights running, and basically I don't know how he is not keeling over in his tracks because I sure feel like I'm going to!

Anyway, good things from today:

1) We spent a good hour at the library this morning finding old and new favorites. We seem to gravitate to the library a lot these days on Saturday (it's a good post-chores outing!) and it's always delightful the rest of the day because the kids disappear with their books!

2) We also stopped for doughnuts at our favorite local place, which we haven't done in almost a year. I love it so much--donuts are crazy cheap (even their soda machine is still 50 cents!) and it is this teeny tiny little A-frame place that seats about 10 people, and one wall is plastered with business cards and missing dog photos and all the kind of small-town things that I just adore. We don't live in a (very) small town but this place pretends that we do and it is so fun. Plus Luke wore his monkey costume and I got a real kick out of the monkey tail dangling down over his little spinning chair.

3) Neil and I had a delightful 9 mile-run together today. I'm slowly but surely building my mileage back up (27 this week, hurrah!) and it was a beautiful day to run--sunny, blue skies, and the snow encasing everything was melting so quickly we could tell a real difference just on the out and back! I struck up a conversation with a guy we met on the trail; turns out he's the race director for the race we're doing next month! Another small-town kind of feeling and he was just the nicest guy ever and thanked us about ten times for signing up for the race (um, no, thank YOU for the massive organizational feats you are performing!).

4) The kids did a really good job with their chores today and I enjoyed so much the feeling of a pristine house with tons of sunshine pouring in and my beloved John Denver playing loudly as we worked together. I feel like we are ALWAYS cleaning up or doing laundry or washing dishes, but I love the peaceful calm it brings me to see perfectly clear counters and shining floors. I know everyone's opinions on this vary so widely, but I just am 1000 times happier in a clean home in the same way that my body feels better when I am drinking tons of water and eating lots of vegetables.

5) This is from yesterday, but I finished the worst week of grading off and I'm SO glad it's done! I hate grading weeks like crazy.

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