Sunday, February 28, 2016


Just about to the end of February!

Today's good things:

1) Nathan finally took a nap today. It's been four miserable days of no naps and up a dozen times at night. It's been so awful, and he has been increasingly cranky and miserable. Today he was throwing himself around on the floor yelling like a banshee before church, so I ended up staying home with him so that he could take a nap. Man oh man I worked for it--took him on a 2-mile walk and then stuffed him full at lunch, and voila--he slept for 3 hours and woke up acting like himself again.

2) Beautiful beautiful weather today--our walk was gorgeous! Sunny and windy and just perfect. And I taught Nathan the great joys of cattails. I loved hearing him chortle as he watching the cattail fuzz sail away in the wind!

3) Neil made dinner today, as usual on Sundays. Always such a treat and I love the opportunity to relax a bit!

4) Our super-diligent hometeacher came over tonight for a nice chat. He has been one of our hometeachers for a few years and he always visits us whether his companion can make it or not. I feel like he really cares about our family and often checks in with us throughout the month to see how we are doing.

5) I'm always so grateful for Sunday nights once the kids are in bed and the chance to finally spend some one-on-one time with Neil where neither of us are working or feeling guilty for not working. It's my favorite time of the week!

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