Tuesday, February 16, 2016

5 on the 16th

1) Today Luke and I went to the optometrist. Poor little guy has been squinting a lot lately when I read to him, and we found out today that his vision is 20/100. Yikes! So I'm glad we've got some glasses on order for him so that he can experience the magical wonder that is actually seeing the world around you (if you wear corrective lenses, you'll know what I'm talking about! Look! The trees have leaves!). My poor kids--Neil has flawless vision and mine is terrible. Guess who they all take after.

2) I cut the boys' hair tonight. Just so fun to see all three of them taking it so seriously--they LOVE haircuts because they get to watch Youtube videos during their haircut. Nathan is, as always, SUPER obsessed with the Piano Guys, so we watched Jon Schmidt play the piano on top of a cliff. Good times. (Seriously, if you have not yet heard of the Piano Guys, you must check them out!)

3) We had whole-wheat waffles, freshly whipped cream, home-canned peaches, and oven-baked sausage for dinner tonight (best way of making sausage--350 for 12 minutes, shake the pan vigorously so they all roll over, then another 12 minutes. No grease spatters, no turning, no attention). Terrible on the arteries, but so divine on the tastebuds. There's just something so comforting about breakfast for dinner. (Please tell me you do this too...my husband had never done this--or so he says--growing up and he thought I was a crazy person the first time I served waffles at dinner.) This is also my favorite meal to make when we have the missionaries over for dinner.

4) I watched Neil sharpen my skis tonight and felt very loving and grateful towards him. He is so good at so many things that make my life run so much more smoothly. I can't even imagine how I would function without him.

5) I was re-watching Sherlock today during my run and thinking how much I enjoy that series. I was a huge fan of the books when I was a kid and read them all over and over and over again, so I get such a kick out of watching the show now and seeing all the clever little references to 5 different stories in one episode. It's like watching Midnight in Paris. 

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