Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Day 10

Today's good things:

1) Ran, practiced yoga, took a 10-minute nap, and drank my quart of green smoothie. All things that lead to daily happiness!
2) Abigail wrapped up her monthly project today (think big report and craft EVERY MONTH) 17 days ahead of schedule. Yahoo! She's such a good worker and I'm so proud of her for not leaving things until the last minute (also, super thrilled to have that off my mental to-do list).
3) Everyone's valentines are addressed, wrapped, and hanging in bags ready to go to school on Friday morning. Another thing that I am thrilled to have finished and off my mental list.
4) This for dinner tonight (I sub in 1/3 c. whole milk for the cream & add sauteed zucchini or mushrooms). Always one of my children's favorites (as is anything by Stephmodo! I'm so sad she's no longer blogging, nor are her Zupa's links live).
5) Right now all 5 of my children are freshly bathed/showered, all the laundry is folded and put away, the kitchen is clean, the bathrooms are clean, and the house is vacuumed. Nice and calm and sparkling around here and I'm definitely enjoying having older kids who can contribute so much by their simple daily chores!

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