Thursday, February 04, 2016

Day 4

Oh gosh, this day has been absolutely insane. Lots of tears. Good thing I have this little five happy things exercise to keep me looking for the bright spots!

1) Once a week, Isaac gets to check out books at his school library. Without fail, he carefully selects construction-based picture books for his little brothers, and then gathers them on the couch as soon as he gets home for storytime. I love to see his tenderness and love for his little brothers.

2) Exercise was good to me today! I ran 6 miles, did a quick 20-minute recovery yoga circuit, and lifted weights. All while Nathan and Luke massacred a batch of play-doh and ate lunch (there were a few breaks for me in there to help them with things but they really played wonderfully together!).

3) I made a new-to-me dish for dinner tonight. I loved it. Neil loved it. Abigail ate it. The other kids cried after a few bites (too spicy!) and ate PBJs once I realized it was quite a bit more heat than I'd anticipated. But we ended up having a really nice dinner nonetheless (which is not always the case, since often I'm just irritated at the complaints), probably because of the once-every-two-years parental caving on letting them eat something else (it really was too spicy!). We had a lengthy and very energetic discussion about what each of us would pick if we could choose a superpower or random magical object. Neil chose teleportation, Juliet and Abigail picked shapeshifting, Isaac wanted an endless supply of wishes, and I chose a bottomless wallet of $100 bills. Luke never actually picked anything, but we all died laughing when Nathan insisted--four times--that all he wanted was for the smiley faces on my leggings to be real so he could eat the red one. (Maybe he thought they looked like cookies?)

4) I was thinking today about how grateful I am that my older two girls are getting really self-motivated and responsible about their homework. They both work super hard in school and actively try to do their best. It's so wonderful to see them diligently plugging away and I'm really proud of their independence and work ethic, especially since there is quite a bit of homework in those high-ability classes! (I don't remember ever having homework in elementary school, but man these kids have a lot!)

5) I am super grateful for all of the little systems we've instituted around our house that shift responsibility to the kids (above is the photo my mom snapped of our bathroom chore chart, which I stole from her FB page). Not only does it make my life way easier, but I love seeing that they are independent little people who take care of their laundry, pack their lunches, lay out their clothes for school, do their dinner jobs, vacuum and sweep, and keep their bathroom clean. I still have to do a fair amount of reminding, but by and large they are getting so good at such a wide variety of daily tasks. I like to see that they are not only active contributors in our home, but that they will be able to do the same in their own homes as adults.

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