Saturday, February 06, 2016

Day 6

No post yesterday because I felt like death (thanks, head cold) and pretty much all I accomplished was making meals and getting my biking/yoga in. That knocked me out for the day and I went to bed as soon as the kids did!

1) Slept in today, hallelujah, sing the weekend praises! In 5 school days we had 4 early-morning appointments, and I do not love having to be somewhere at 7 am. But now we're through dental and orthopedic and parent-teacher conference appointments, and that is a lovely lovely thing.

2) Neil and I had a lovely little 6-mile run together today. It was beautiful weather--about 40 degrees and so sunny and gorgeous that by about 2 miles in I was perfectly comfortable in tights and a short-sleeve shirt. Amazing for February, given that last year at this time it was -40.

3) Today I ate dessert for the first time in three weeks (that may not sound impressive, but it feels that way to me!). It was delicious, since it was Neil's famous chocolate-chip cookies, and now I'm good for another few weeks.

4) Every month or so we have Classic Movie Night, a.k.a. we watch a movie as a family on the computer so that our kids aren't completely clueless about some of the really great movies out there. :-) I love not actually having a TV in our home, but I also really enjoy these nights. Tonight we watched The Man From Snowy River and Nathan (above) was so incredibly enamored of the cowboys' attire that he wore that outfit to bed and talked about "brumbies" the rest of the evening. (Previous nights have included The Love Bug, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Meet Me in St. Louis, Back to the Future, Star Wars, and The Music Man). I'd love to hear what movies you consider to be must-sees!

5) I am really thankful for my Neti squirt bottle. It's so much more effective than the Neti pot and we've been inseparable buds the last few days. And on that note, I've got a date with the squirt bottle and a giant stack of tissues and a couple quarts of water--I have been so thirsty the last two days!

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