Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Day 9

Luke burrowing through my bed first thing this morning. He was so gleeful I had to take a picture!

1) Abigail was my dinner helper today and made whole-wheat banana bread out of all my elderly bananas while I was checking over someone else's homework. I love having older kids who are so helpful and proficient in the kitchen.

2) Neil and I signed up for a marathon today as a relay team--we really wanted to do a half this spring but couldn't find one that would work with our schedules, but then I realized a local race offered a relay team option. Our plan is to have one of us do the early start, then the other will come over with the kids, cheer heartily, trade off the chip, and then runner #1 will go home with the kids, shower, chill for an hour or so, and then bring everyone back to cheer on runner #2 towards the finish. I'm really looking forward to having the kids there--the girls were there at the end of the 5K I did when I was 35 weeks pregnant with Luke, and the youngest two boys saw me during the half I did right after Nathan was born, but none of them have ever seen Neil run. Should be fun. (Plus it is a crazy cheap race fee-wise and we don't have to pay for travel, hotel, food, and babysitting, which would run about $400 for the other race we were considering this spring).

3) I blogged about Halloween! Post-dated here.

4) And Christmas. Post-dated here

5) And I am SUPER excited because Neil is not going to work tonight (oh frabulous day! Callooh callay!) and we have big plans to hang out and eat chips & salsa. We are way obsessed with the organic Simple Naturals salsa from Aldi. I seriously go there just to buy that--it tastes like fire-roasted tomatoes and cumin with just the right proportions of peppers and onions. Can't even tell you how much I love that salsa and I've been craving it like crazy for the last month!

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