Thursday, February 11, 2016


1) Luke and Nathan had a friend over for a couple of hours this morning. While their friend is Luke's age, all 3 of them get along so beautifully and I got a ton of things accomplished while they chased down all the bad guys in the world. I loved seeing their enthusiasm and affection for each other.

2) On a related note, Luke and Nathan are starting to edge out of the "we fight all the time" stage into the "does he really have to take a nap when we're having fun" stage? These two fought more than any of my other kids by a HUGE margin (i.e., I've never had kids who physically fought each other before!). They still wrestle and jump on each other all the time, but they also play so well and are becoming really good friends. It's wonderful.

3) We actually finished dinner & all the cleanup early enough tonight that I found myself wondering what to do in the hour before bedtime. All the kids were off playing by themselves--the boys with K'nex and the girls with Legos--and so I sat down at the piano and started working through my Phantom of the Opera sheet music. About two measures in. Neil started singing in the kitchen. and then he joined me at the piano. He has a really beautiful voice (he just NEVER wants to let anyone know that!) and I love listening to him sing. We played & sang through the whole book and it was delightful.

4) My sweet sister sent me a little care package today and I felt so loved!

5) I've been avidly reading up on all the Olympic Trials contenders and discussing favorites with my running buddies online. It's silly and nerdy and delightful. Can't wait for Saturday! This is the only sporting event that I actually care all.

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