Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February hearts

We finally took down our hearts today, so I thought I'd write them down quickly. Each person wrote what they loved about everyone else (Nathan made some beautiful scribbly hearts).

  • Is a good engineer and always tells me interesting things about machines. (Abigail)
  • He is very kind and I love him SO much. (Juliet)
  • You have really fun ideas! (Isaac)
  • He gives me Tylenol when he thinks I'm sick. (Luke)
  • Works very hard all day & then comes home to work hard again as a dad, then goes back to the lab--never gives up no matter how hard it gets. (Rachael)\
  • Takes care of me and loves me SO much, as much as I love her. (Juliet)
  • Works hard all the time, even when she's not feeling well. (Abigail)
  • Sacrifices everything for her family, because she loves us. (Neil)
  • Really fun activities for Family Home Evening. (Isaac)
  • She helps me write stuff. She's nice. (Luke)
  • She plays games with me. (Luke)
  • She likes to play Legos with me. (Juliet)
  • Works diligently, even when she doesn't want to. (Neil)
  • Is very smart. (Isaac)
  • One thing I love about Abigail is that she is very responsible and I can trust that if she says she will do something, I know she will do it. (Rachael)
  • Is fun, chases me, and a good K'nex creator. (Isaac)
  • Is always cheerful--and I love when she is my princessball. (Neil)
  • I love how she is always so quick to help Luke and very sensitive to other people's feelings; she is the first one to comfort someone who is sad. (Rachael)
  • Always plays Legos with me and is my friend. (Abigail)
  • She plays tons of games with me. (Luke)
  • I chase him and play fun games with him. (Luke)
  • I love how he carefully considers things and wants to know how things work. (Neil)
  • Makes huge and fun K'nex creations. (Abigail)
  • I love the way Isaac lets his younger brothers help with building structures or puzzles. He is a great teacher! (Rachael)
  • He is very kind to everyone. (Juliet)
  • In dress-up games, Luke is always funny and looks funny, as in cute. (Abigail)
  • World's. Best. Laugh. And smackers! (Neil)
  • He chases me, and he has lots of ideas. (Isaac)
  • He is very cute and I love playing with him SOOOOO much. (Juliet)
  • I love how his mind works and all the funny stories he tells & the inventive questions he asks. (Rachael
  • Has the best smile and always manages to cheer me up. (Neil)
  • Happy, cheerful, and says really cute little things. (Rachael)
  • Is fun and really cute. (Isaac)
  • He is So cute and I (heart) playing with him. (Juliet)
  • He plays a lot with me. (Luke)
  • Is cute, tells interesting stories, and loves me. (Abigail)

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