Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Five for February, Day 2

I love my Five for February series, so I'm back! Maybe I'll even manage to blog about Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's while I'm at it.

Today's five good things:

1) Got my MRI results and they were clear!!!!! Such a huge relief. Still experiencing some pain every now and then, mostly when driving, but it is 1000x better than it was a few months ago when I couldn't sleep because it hurt so much.

2) I ran 5 miles today--for the second day in a row. Exciting stuff to see it coming back little by little. No 55-mile weeks anytime soon, but I'd be thrilled with 20! This is Week 5 of my return to running and I have to say it's gone really well. I worked like CRAZY keeping up with cardio and weights during the eight weeks that I couldn't run, and it definitely paid some dividends (we won't talk about the 15 lbs I gained which seem to be par for the course with an injury like this--you go from running 200 miles a month to zero and your body is not exactly sure what the heck is going on...).

3) Thanks to the clean MRI, we went ahead and started booking things for a ski weekend with the girls. Couldn't be more excited and my boys are SO over-the-moon thrilled that they get to spend the weekend with Amma and Grandpa!

4) Loved listening to the girls' piano lessons tonight--they both practice so diligently all week and they are really getting good! Their teacher commented that it was a great lesson and it really was--I was so proud of all of the effort and work that they are putting in to their music.

5) Went to storytime at the library today with Nathan and Luke & we made these snowplow thingies for the craft. Nathan was SO enthralled with his (combination of getting to do his very own craft, since we haven't made it to storytime forever thanks to that darn leg o' mine) AND the fact that it was  a bulldozer-type thing that he insisted on sleeping with it during his nap, and it was the first thing he wanted to show the biggies when they got home from school. Too cute.

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Neil said...

6. Your husband loves you very much and is really looking forward to skiing with you and the girls.

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