Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Five for February, Day 3

Above: Nathan in the "trap" Luke built for him out of Magnatiles. Good times.

1) Made cranberry-blueberry whole-wheat muffins and green smoothies for the kids for breakfast and sent everyone off to school with the happy consciousness that they had tummies full of good things.

2) Had dinner simmering away in the crock-pot by 9 AM, which made the after-school hours sooo much easier!

3) Today was a yoga day. So good to relax into those stretches and feel some of the aches and pains smooth themselves out. I love high-intensity cardio, but man oh man does yoga do good things for my mindfulness and awareness of my body.

4) Somehow I managed to squeeze in a 15-minute nap while Nathan was asleep and before I left to pick the big kids up from school. I was running on 5 hours of sleep for the third day in a row so that nap made all the difference!

5) We had a super fun activity tonight for Activity Days (an hour in the evening with the 8 to 11-yr-old girls in our church congregation). One leader talked for a few minutes about our bodies and how keeping them healthy in turn benefits our minds and spirits, then walked the girls through the process of creating an exercise plan and handed out some planning materials that they could use to complete one of the Faith in God requirements that centers around physical health. A second leader helped the girls to make tiny individual pizzas. Then one of my friends who is a certified Zumba instructor taught the girls a 30-minute class--it was SO fun. She had all kinds of props that really made it exciting for the girls (my favorites were the scarves hung with hundreds of gold coins that we used for a Bollywood-inspired routine). And to finish things up, another leader and I made a couple of different veggie smoothies for the girls using my Blendtec & the other leader's juicer. Such a fun evening and a good workout too!

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